Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer Survival

Dr. Thacker says smear tests can boost chances of surviving cervical cancer.
1:17 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer Survival
The pap smear is that gold standard for cancer screening in women. The pap smear is critical to -- -- It's very well study and it's proven that cities lie it's. All women who have a cervix should have regular periodic pap smears. The frequency of pap smears depends on your age your risk factors whether you have HP -- HIV. Or whether you've had abnormal -- The pap smear clearly states slides. And it picks up cancer at a precancerous stage or early stage where it's curable. The women die from cervical cancer by and -- -- women who have not seen their doctor for pap smears I think that getting past -- every three years after age thirty provide Ager HPV negative. Do not have abnormal pap and not -- HIV is perfectly acceptable. However just because we're speaking them out doesn't mean you don't need them. And I think that that's where the confusion -- some women still think they need in every year. And they're not focusing on other important aspects of their health. While other women think that just because they can go three years it's no longer important and that is not so.

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{"duration":"1:17","description":"Dr. Thacker says smear tests can boost chances of surviving cervical cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15828913","title":"Pap Smears and Cervical Cancer Survival","url":"/Health/video/pap-smears-cervical-cancer-survival-15828913"}