Parents Donate Daughter's Organs

North Carolina middle school student died after a skateboarding accident.
1:59 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Parents Donate Daughter's Organs
Who would have dared think these joyous occasions would be among the last capture you concede -- -- Johnson's joy and no she was always mindful always reaching -- I was doing -- skip to Q tip of all rewards you know -- -- -- and I -- also -- to skateboard it was two Fridays ago that she was just playing on -- in the basement with their friends. When suddenly her father heard screaming nine -- had fallen through plated glass is totally channeling -- -- by bedding down like those initiative would you care record she was caught but fully conscious complained of her back hurting -- The reason -- fault of panic. That changed instantly brag and say we're giving you results for -- that he had. She -- a -- short of glass had pierced the heart valve and launched into response the surgery seemed to have been successful. But nine -- never woken up. -- -- so a decision had to be made about donating ideals organs. You know you make decisions on what they should eat and it is what -- -- -- and then you go from there to. -- -- -- -- Chelsea organs -- -- -- is slowing decisions and so little time but remember she's the helper in the fan I think. That doesn't seem willing because she's a helped -- was she always does you know everybody. And I just felt like if another talented -- can be saved the war or door open anything. That's the best thing that we can possibly do however now this family whose decision has likely saved many lives can afford to -- their own child. -- -- gave her father this spirit of children bracelet the night before the accident. How its meaning has changed really to Washington's. Testament thing. -- -- -- -- -- Russ -- news thirteen.

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{"id":15012524,"title":"Parents Donate Daughter's Organs ","duration":"1:59","description":"North Carolina middle school student died after a skateboarding accident.","url":"/Health/video/parents-donate-daughters-organs-15012524","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}