'Parents Need to Eat Too' Author's Easy Recipe

Debbie Koenig shows you how to prepare a quick and healthy dinner.
3:21 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for 'Parents Need to Eat Too' Author's Easy Recipe
Hi I'm daddy -- -- and I'm the author of a cookbook -- parents need to eat too and I know all parents are busy. But I'm pretty -- and hope parent is as busy as a new parent when you have a baby in the house. Everything is upside down you're dealing with a million things at once -- trying to -- -- and that the other thing the last thing you think about -- -- yourself. So what I'm gonna do here today with parents need to eat to help you avoid that same thing I'm gonna make a recipe for you called baked macaroni with narcotics business and it. And it only has seven ingredients in Macon about a half hour you -- -- for a half hour and you're done and you have meals for more than one night. So the first step is you cooks macaroni does that -- whole grain pasta is the best -- to use -- -- -- healthy ingredients. And while it's cooking for the last minute or so you can put in a back -- -- baby spend it's just straight from the bag super easy. -- -- will down and cooking with the -- just enough. During the whole thing but it back in the pot to save on clean up later. And you add ads are of good quality sauce and we're gonna later that into these two editions that the other key here is. He used to dishes to -- it with and then it won the and you think of the other and it's ready to go out. So first we're gonna put in about a quarter. Of the macaroni into each. Pan and not worry about being pretty because -- moms and we just want to get dinner on the table. It's about a quarter to each one. And now. We're gonna take this cheese mixture and what -- while the cost it was cooking I mixed up some part skim ricotta and some parmesan cheese and some finely chopped fresh statements. And that -- just gives this. Such a really cool -- -- different flavor that you're not gonna expect a lot. And we're gonna take this -- -- dollar up. Half of that into one edition happened to the other you're not gonna expected to spread because it's not gonna it's gonna stay in the middle. As a neat little surprise. Me get this open there's going to be -- awesome little cheesy layer underneath the -- it's going to be a lovely surprise. And -- but he's gonna gobble it up. So now we're gonna top that with this hostile. And again don't worry about treaty just worry about using. To put a little on each one. And finally we topics list. Some shredded mozzarella a little bit on each one gives a nice to -- crust on top that nice -- doing it. So these are gonna go right into a 375. Degree oven. They're gonna bake them for about 25 minutes to thirty minutes until the -- is brown and bubbly. And you gentlemen out -- -- countless this. So they have -- baked macaroni with -- -- it's -- it's doing it's easy and cozy and warm. It's experience and to me as odd since he's holding costs that everything you need at this point it's only have to be one thing today. And you've got a second -- ready to go in the freezer. You'll find the complete recipe on abcnews.com. You'll find that recipe -- a whole lot more in my cookbook parents need to eat to. Or on my website parents need to.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Debbie Koenig shows you how to prepare a quick and healthy dinner. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15886910","title":"'Parents Need to Eat Too' Author's Easy Recipe ","url":"/Health/video/parents-eat-authors-easy-recipe-15886910"}