Child Patients Board Flight to North Pole

Newark Airport offers ill kids a fantasy flight to visit Santa.
1:20 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Child Patients Board Flight to North Pole
My goodness like 1859 is -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- Does it hits it's been so much time in hospital rooms lure Beth Israel Medical Center and Children's Hospital new Jersey's participating for the first time. -- ended in defeat flight. And we have many children especially our Children's Hospital a -- cancer patients today -- are their boarding the embassy like. All smiled and -- pain. It's bad -- -- it's all about the Somalis in the joy way and it especially when you're off to see the big guy. Thanks to continental and united employees volunteering. Helping Santa. We have airplanes we have people who -- this is what we can win heading into the northern home. Touched down North Pole and the line gets better. So many -- season. They needed we -- -- -- -- looking for happiness and making my game well with the public all the time and it is for the children. News very very special and it's a party never forget.

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{"id":15164081,"title":"Child Patients Board Flight to North Pole","duration":"1:20","description":"Newark Airport offers ill kids a fantasy flight to visit Santa.","url":"/Health/video/pediatric-patients-board-flight-north-pole-15164081","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}