Plan B Debate

Dr. Jacques Moritz on the decision about the emergency contraceptive, Plan B.
5:51 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Plan B Debate
Can be one step as emergency contraception sometimes referred to as the morning after pill. And it is currently available over the counter to women ages seventeen years and older the FDA recently recommended. The -- made available over the counter to all women. But Kathleen Sebelius the secretary of health and human services rejected that recommendation. And joining us now to discuss this -- doctor Jacques -- medical contributor for ABC news documents thank you so much for being here. Big news then this is really big big read his first of all let's let's back -- Charlie gets to weigh what happened at Kathleen Sebelius and talk about. This -- the warning after a threat to the morning after pill has. -- available for years and years and years with a prescription recently. The FDA allowed the pill to be sold over the counter without a prescription first eighteen then there was a lawsuit they dropped to seventeenth. The drug company then wanted to see if it. Could be sold without a prescription to anybody in and we'll get into that -- basically what it is it's at birth control -- one part of -- -- -- One -- you take it and it works. Is not something that you would want to do multiple times. The -- has tons of side effects none serious. -- like breath nausea and bleeding. You don't feel good after this is not something you -- -- more than he's -- uses for birth control one time they do this. They're gonna think maybe -- should be on some real contraception -- going through that experience. Is no threat and to be clear and is not an abortion it is not an abortion -- it prevents ovulation there is some debate on whether it. Stops what's called implantation. Right when life starts not but in general it is stops population now if you look at the numbers of how effective it is. If a random sex act would be one in twenty chance of getting pregnancy this would bring it to one and forty cents not a 100% right the efficacy is about the 85%. It has to be taken seven. Intercourse the sooner it is to that time the more effective to further it is. As the FDA has said now that this pill is safe for a woman of any -- right in the that the safety data and I think fifty did its job and it didn't properly and it's -- Can this -- kill somebody. Is it safe either side effects and they looked at all that and they said is it safe in this even younger group and he said. Yes and so they said sure go ahead and sell it -- it -- candidate censure which is unusual for that DNA really put a very strong statement said US you can do its rights ballot over the counter make it free and available to two and then let me it's not emergency contraception and then why did Kathleen Sebelius -- now. I have no idea I really and mean that as a practicing well being and a father of a teenage daughter I just I think all of us in the -- community I just scratching our heads what was really stiffening her reasoning was that. This drug could be used in the very young and the very young according term was eleven years old. 10% according to her of eleven year olds. Could get pregnant and it should be tested in even younger I don't know I mean I think that eleven year old coming in. And looking for this has some major problems and in needs counseling right and maybe if they want to say okay. Will allow it -- 16151413. But maybe not while I understand but it was I think listen I'm just a doctor. Dean's political team. At this point if a woman under seventeen -- -- seventeen is looking. For this plan B right -- one she needs to go first to. Our parents and -- -- the -- she doesn't deny their parents yesterday she used to call a dot your head and a doctor has prescribed which is you know teenagers don't have. Great report would doctors there now -- really happen quickly as you play that -- two hours and a lot of -- happens on the weekend yet to find the doctor. Stuff senior teenagers are not going to best. Right I mean that's right -- bottom line right and it's it's a shame because it works again I've never read and I know. There is no reported deaths associated with this there are reported deaths -- pregnancy right I mean being pregnant ectopic pregnancies all that. Stop and you know half a -- pregnancies are on. -- and if we can reduce it by using this and sounds like a mean it -- a chance for the future that this could open up Ed noble a little more about the future of. Contraceptive there's another -- diet is a handle on that was approved in -- get Allah Allah which is it derivatives. The RU 486 which is the abortion bill this is the same thing it just works a little bit better -- gives you five days ago. And it -- this -- different because it appears it doesn't matter where an F five day window you take it it's as effective vs the other one you need to take it. The sooner you take it the better more effective. And is there any chance that they will roll on this Allah -- that's a good question because -- -- the next step would be. For some would would they allow this over the counter they've already ruled that it's legal and you can write prescriptions fort. They haven't made it over the -- yet because of collecting data on that -- now any chance that Kathleen Sebelius will revisit hard decision on me step like he just could be I already spoke to reproductive lawyer yesterday I know they're going to be lawsuits -- coming doubt about it it's the first time. That HHS has ever. Reversed a decision from the FDA and she's the -- of the FDA -- doesn't it's kind of it's it's funny you don't want politics and I do but added the problem with this is. As a doctor's doctors never like when science. His mix with politics because the science is there and it was really no brainer on the size -- and now you have this other. Part that's attached to -- which we don't understand gets a little complicated tangle that -- thank you so much doctor Laura.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Dr. Jacques Moritz on the decision about the emergency contraceptive, Plan B.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15116658","title":"Plan B Debate","url":"/Health/video/plan-debate-15116658"}