How Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Child

Dr. Lisa Meltzer says poor sleep quality results in adverse behavioral effects.
1:31 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for How Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Child
There is definitely an association between sleep and -- behavior. So children -- do not get enough sleep we often see behavior problems during the -- such as difficulty paying attention. Sometimes sitting still -- dreaming. And -- the number of facts when children don't get enough sleep. The reasons why children don't get enough sleep can be married children who snore or perhaps sleep disordered breathing are not getting good qualities we. Children who don't get enough sleep they go to bed too -- -- they have to be awakened in the morning are not getting enough sleep in all of these things can be related TV had behavior. Any child who snores the American academy of pediatrics has recommend that they be evaluated for sleep disordered breathing. So we're not talking Sox just regular child snoring but loud snoring. -- that you can hear through the door closed during that happens every night that is concerning children should not on a regular basis Miller. -- you have to wait your child in the morning and they're extremely difficult to -- That the signal that they're not getting enough sleep whether there's equality is or are they just don't have enough hours. But you have to wake him in the morning -- -- very difficult to get up and get going after -- -- not getting enough sleep. Also on the weekends if children over sleep by more than two hours compared to Whitney wake up on weekdays. They're trying to catch up on their sleep and again -- applying that to parents that children are not getting enough sleep. Children should wake up in the morning pretty easily within about 51015 minute be ready to get up and get going for that.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Dr. Lisa Meltzer says poor sleep quality results in adverse behavioral effects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15836286","title":"How Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Child","url":"/Health/video/poor-sleep-affect-child-15836286"}