Practicing Yoga with Cats

Washington DC's Cat Cafe offers another way to bond with felines: an hour-long yoga session.
5:33 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Practicing Yoga with Cats
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Washington DC one million act act ain't I've been here with confidence in the opener and today eat you guys you're you're. Our cat yoga we did and special class. Where they are teaching yoga and doing yoga amongst all of these past does it. So. People respect you. Or about C yeah we do anything. About it and I looked at. It's basically what you're about to see and yes and our thanks. Yeah yeah. Doing to you. Tens of so many of them again. And I think yeah education on my hair color. I and it's many and he didn't. I came out and after. Honestly it's. Funny moments. Bluntly to you I yeah. Cats across and you combine its case Catholic and finally. They can't. And so how many of the yeah I ten you know Leslie. It literally giving us and let's. And a British and yeah actually higher costs are staying we need. You in the hand. The biggest conflict by are you having me. And delivered the that party element. They maybe each community needs you act as actually happens that they activity like the only. Absent this week. I'm. And compensation paid them because they. Beat me really at. On Sunday had said that. It's. Any minute see it. Female three business Showtime's and didn't go meet some of the cats before we. Question here. I didn't see anything. Tightening up. Yeah yeah. And I. The anywhere. We're yeah. Yeah. So he's okay. I'll start him losing the cash. Yeah. Here again my ex. There was that like the Catholic kind of wandered in afterwards. Oh let's put you up and let's take a look. And sickness in a plug you into that his. My own way. Talking about getting my teacher I don't think getting quality teachers the issue because. Nolan goes and it's easy to the brits should. I didn't you know we don't need a lot of people Ellington. So easy teachers to be. You know Jesus aren't so passionately I am right now. And I'm hopeful news and I don't hate is not like all the time and Sweden. We got paid so little and we use our last heads. So much more procedures not see people and you're still is let's so that incentives for teachers. And more. Excellence should be want to ask about. And nationally. Last weekend's top birdie putts. I that I don't know it is is this an arts education. So. Are education I mean I don't teach Jeter decree actors it's easier to teach us not to each other and how to be. Funny social and how to how to think creatively worked together and it's SA arts education so warm and it means I'll ask me so I want. He is he and partner absolutely legally and steam. I. If there just cam. Ends up I have history of that sound like he was mayor Anthony the first thing he did mine in when he was elected Tuesday after the election. Has written weeks before he took office. He calls again people who worked with kids sentiment in the city I was one of them that's our man. How to make this the best place for our children she into the race at best city earned her children. And he started and he is that's right away after I came director. And we a lot of performing arts arts with an arm. Vintage television shows and newspapers nineteen injures. Eat the arts was extremely important as he did was our arts council so we are supporting all artists and and hacking. This east Bremerton vibrancy for the arts it is considered want Clinton also. Consistently you're asking here. And this could also can consider that history is families 12 or three all I just since he's been here. So you aren't as we deal. Just essential to our growth tour. Two are healthy living. So you can count time. They go right Friday returns right it isn't. Yeah. And I don't luck I don't worry free from campaign headquarters. Clemency saying we can't hear from him after her husband and my dear friend. We are here. Easy all the grades your lover we got here he. Oh yeah if there's anything you don't you are yeah. And I. Oregon yeah. Yeah. Hey if we lose our. He's not here to go there any police just in here. I'm Melanie lost DC. Yeah. Ask you. Igniting yeah. Why do you. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I. Yeah. Feel meeting again. Plus okay. And hey. I. Okay. Right yeah. He. Okay. Yeah. Here. UV and. Ask your. And I'm. I'm. The yeah. Yeah yeah. Eileen. And that. Right and thanks. Me. Yeah. Yeah. I. Yeah. Well life. Now. Yeah. You hear it's. Even. Every thing he. Cat loves them. He's been. It's. I. The US. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Are. An easy money. Well you see here. I'm peace. Okay. Yeah. People Sunday. Oh yeah. Grass here. He and yeah. And okay. San yeah. I'm ready. Okay. An. Yeah. It's okay. Okay. Okay. And yeah. Feet. And hey. And what we'll keep an eye sight and it's. I. We have. Okay. We'll let them. In this zone. CEO. Yeah you. Yeah. I am. I'm. Okay I'm. Yeah. Larry yeah. And say hey CE. Maybe I'm. Clinton here. It's. Here yeah eight yeah. Me you have anything to eat outside. Yet race. You need me there. Back. Yeah. You are all right it's. Lift your right foot. Our hands out. Let senior. Look. It's not three straight. Yeah. Crane. Okay. Three. Even if it's passed. They're calling each. Yeah. Okay. Alive. Yeah. Only right back. Maybe you're right. And yeah. It's. Whenever it. We yeah. Yeah. And he. Maybe we'll bring you back. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Again each. Sending out. Yeah. He he's. Okay maybe our. We I'm. And it's. The evil. Each average. Faith. There you. Courtney. Back. Hands together. Her shoulders. I. He's in feel it's in there. He's the only. Are you. Yeah. I have yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He had. Can yeah. It's. She's learning. And and they're sleeping. I. During his. Okay. And I came back B. Okay. Yeah Rex. Next. Three. It again. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I. Party. Okay. Yeah. Again so this is my. Yeah in my nearly and it's.

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Washington DC's Cat Cafe offers another way to bond with felines: an hour-long yoga session.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"37148558","title":"Practicing Yoga with Cats","url":"/Health/video/practicing-yoga-cats-37148558"}