Is Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Safe?

Dr. Jennifer Litton says pregnancy should not be feared following breast cancer.
1:24 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Is Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Safe?
I think there's always been concerned at potentially. High levels of circulating hormones that occur with pregnancy. Would affect breast cancer survivors and potentially influence their risk the cancer coming back -- there dying from cancer. We've had several studies starting back from 2003. Even. That have shown that there is -- it increased risk of dying of breast cancer. When you go on to have pregnancy after a diagnosis. Breast cancer especially if you wait. Over ten months from the time of diagnosis. There's -- -- several large studies including one meta analysis which is. Study that put -- available data together. Showing that there may even be -- decreased risk or in other words. People are less likely to die of cancer if they go on and -- pregnancies after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Even if they wait two years and even more so if they wait for years. I think that a woman breast cancer survivor needs to happen conversations -- college -- they need to understand what their personal risk of recurrence is so that they can make the best informed decision on whether or not they wanna proceed. With the future pregnancy. And then two. To do all the same prenatal care and make sure their follow carefully by their both their oncologists as well as there obstetrician.

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{"id":15964755,"title":"Is Pregnancy After Breast Cancer Safe?","duration":"1:24","description":"Dr. Jennifer Litton says pregnancy should not be feared following breast cancer.","url":"/Health/video/pregnancy-breast-cancer-safe-15964755","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}