Pregnancy and the Flu

Dr. Moritz discusses risks and shares tips for prevention.
3:23 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Pregnancy and the Flu
The CDC recently reported flu season is picking up steam now so what does this mean for pregnant women. But preventative steps -- they take -- aren't they more at risk for health complications. Joining us to explain it ABC news medical contributor doctor -- -- -- stuck to -- -- to -- to -- -- pregnant women more likely to -- -- We don't know what more likely -- we do know that when they do get the loot they get. Symptoms worse. And could last for much longer and it's much. Different disease and when they're not right so you clearly recommend all of your patients who are pregnant or thinking getting pregnant to get the -- that's right it. The CDC and myself right recommend that if -- going to be pregnant. During flu seasons which were right in the middle of its gonna -- in March and would you should get the flu vaccine this year's flu vaccine. Is similar to last but you still need a booster shot it has the swine H1N1 in it and another -- So what kind of -- we've been seen that -- been popping up now nasty one well yeah we have a nasty one you know whether. Has been so different this winter that everything seems to be moved later in the season. Part of the vaccine is covering it. There are some new strains that don't coverage rights so aside from the vaccine when other preventative but there isn't another thing that people can do and doctors forget and patients forget and it's something like taking Tamiflu or relents. Which are anti virus now here's the tricky part -- this. You have to really call your doctor than a minute you feel that you are having symptoms of the flu. Remind us well -- they're tough because you know what we're talking about you and I right now was influenced -- Which is the flu which is different than the common cold and the symptoms cross the biggest difference is I would -- the cold will knock you out. Influenza the flu not to flat on your you know once and so if you had a -- pays if you kick out of that if you're gonna miss -- -- -- -- -- likely. That's the flu not -- gold is a little runny nose a scratchy -- I don't feel too good things like that the flu. It you know work with are also vomiting and can't you can't vomiting and diarrhea you -- -- sore throat runny nose joint pains and in the list goes on not. If you. Collier will be admitted to field those and say is there anything you can do you could take this Tamiflu relents and -- me. Knocking it out they will shorten it didn't look up and force -- into a deathly shorten it right that. A pregnant women that it's safe in France so that's a treatment for the -- a lot since we forget about it's an anti viral it is safe. It's approved in pregnancy and we used to -- quick quickly what are the dangers of getting the right answer that question did the biggest danger is premature labor. Because as -- -- having the vomiting and everything toward the fever. You start losing a lot of fluid you dehydrated you start contracting its contractions can sometimes. Leave prematurely. The other 16 the date to the mother especially in the third trimester and you remember when it was this pushing up on your -- and you had your lot which is basically infected. Right from the flu and it's not being able to move -- so if you can't get care debate is not getting it so that the -- Pneumonia is more comment I don't want to talk about that writes does happen it's a rare thing. It's definitely before that happens yet to seek medical advice best things would point out that that's true but got the progress -- -- -- be.

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{"id":15685643,"title":"Pregnancy and the Flu","duration":"3:23","description":"Dr. Moritz discusses risks and shares tips for prevention.","url":"/Health/video/pregnancy-flu-dangers-mother-baby-tips-prevention-15685643","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}