Premature Babies Defying the Odds

Dr. Wally Carlo on how neonatal care advances give premature babies new chances.
1:16 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Premature Babies Defying the Odds
There have been many of buses -- -- -- intensive care during the last two or three day it's -- allowed. Is survival of -- very small premature babies. It and provide our week in back neural developmental outcome DC Abbas include for example -- in adult court because steroids. -- he's achievement given to the Mulder before birth. You know being shown degree increased our Bible -- victories. Are adverse -- developmental outcomes -- a chest. Cognitive disorders. And federal -- in that he -- -- -- on board because steroids there are many other advances that aren't quite important. If for example it re -- they personally patient now he's perform in a very effective way. And Ian -- born white seek even sometimes without a beating heart. Can be personally think that effectively and they survived. Many thanks it would normally outcomes. -- -- -- -- Abbas include -- fact and and -- -- manipulation and these who went combined. And save -- for infants. And they can have normal respiratory outcomes.

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{"id":15146586,"title":"Premature Babies Defying the Odds","duration":"1:16","description":"Dr. Wally Carlo on how neonatal care advances give premature babies new chances.","url":"/Health/video/premature-babies-defying-odds-15146586","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}