Is PTSD to Blame for Violent Acts?

Dr. Paul Ragan says we shouldn't assume that everyone with PTST is violent.
1:40 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is PTSD to Blame for Violent Acts?
Don't want -- -- -- ties and automatically assume everyone with PT SD is gonna get is gonna go -- for hurt somebody. We know that the risk for increased violence -- -- individuals with PT SD. For example from wartime experience who may have experienced violence in the family prior to their military service may have been victimized. Physically or sexually themselves prior to the military experience. So that's one factor. A second factor is is -- -- not all PT yes -- it is the science especially the it is the severity. Trauma is cumulative. So I saw an individual. Who have mild PT SD after their first deployment. Have moderate PT SD after their second deployment. And didn't come in start seeing me until after the third deployment when their PT SD was quite severe. So it's not as if it's just you see one thing you have PT SD and then you're going to be going off on people. Clearly. Trauma as it's cumulative so someone who's had four deployments is going to be much more at rest than someone who's not just want. That's the second factor. A third factor is what else does the individual -- If -- PT SD is untreated the more likely be violent if -- PT SD is also accompanied by severe depression. They're more likely to be violent. And yet another factor is if to have PT SD and they're using substances. Like alcohol. That decreased there -- self control decrease their self in addition there are more likely to be violent.

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{"id":15964785,"title":"Is PTSD to Blame for Violent Acts?","duration":"1:40","description":"Dr. Paul Ragan says we shouldn't assume that everyone with PTST is violent.","url":"/Health/video/ptsd-blame-violent-acts-15964785","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}