Race to vaccinate the country

An ABC News medical expert breaks down how the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause affected the pace of vaccinations and what the next few months could look like.
4:50 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for Race to vaccinate the country
ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein. Second round steamy good morning you know got a 134 million Americans at least partially vaccinated we've heard there in Steve's piece. Transmission numbers are looking better so can we finally say we're past the worst of this pandemic what are the next few months look like. I yes I. I think we can be very optimistic rent is 200 million shots and arms. Hundred days is going well. I think 20% of population vaccinated 40% protests are. I mean this incident piece that we wanted to get to the end of this. For his. See pockets of transmission leprosy mission over that started getting better it's not completely out of the words you still lots of vulnerable people to Donna Page and watch people aren't as we he's each category around the vaccine. For you to think about fairness you know overall he vaccines do well against -- -- easier if you bring transactions. So overall three we have work to do of the vaccine process to get more people need to get her community of 70%. We're and how does she started back in the summer so the only incredible and I know he said nor were any normal summer and I think it is and how. And we've heard throughout that it it's much safer outdoors than it is in doors so. As we hit those spring and summer months do we really need to be wearing masks outside all the time. Yet. This is something that didn't bring her for weeks jockey it's time to start changing your perspective around outdoor mass. Seeing any we know that night at 6% of the keys is happening inside so there's just Armstrong. Evidence were massing outside. Especially when he's come down yet supports a foreigner search massing outside makes sense or if you're maxed out there concert reached. We've been eighteen socialists and change that makes sense I think overall getting. An analysis sessions you have some well distance in the sense I think guys you know it's you are people of the value getting vaccinated. I expect that does he's usually start to change recommendations of course. How about your pocket just in case you need it or you go inside but overall I think we can start removing those masks right. Love love love hate pink sandbag their brands being. We all know that the number of people who've gotten the vaccine is slightly down this week does that worry the dollars that to be expected as more people get vaccinated. You know I. I think imports from getting lyme vaccine out so at least second to flatten out but this current overseen downward trend is a little bit concerning he had. Rush among those that are vulnerable are getting the vaccine using. Now the owner eligibility younger populations there is need more challenges it's not TV you know I'll pass. Patients are easy access so we have to think about meeting people where they are on this issue. It is used one we need to consider right are people concerned about outside facts or they don't really trust the vaccine or medium heat about themselves so it's this combination of testing. There is he and so we have to come. He should explain why these vaccines are effective why they can reduce transmission in the community why I can Bruce are from normal life. How can protect your family and friends are unique red Fiat. Her around education to really get to those people that are on the edge of deciding whether or not yet that. This Imad personally know quite a few parents who have teens and their parents are vaccinated but their president. To get their teens vaccinated and I wonder are you seeing that hesitancy go out. Since that pause in the Johnson & Johnson back CNN is there any kind of angling asked how long we might have to wait before we have we a final answer on those vaccinations. Yeah it's really. Good question you can martyr hesitancy and risks so I think the temporary parks doesn't have a meaningful impact JJ Jackson was about 5%. Of all our scenes there wasn't a big impact. Hesitancy has. And change because they JJ insists is leveraged aging people are concerned about it but I pulls leaves temporary. Pockets lifted a you have concerns about this lesions from ginger it has 7000 sites oh. Rocker Mitch and yet you think about the populations and he only wanted to change it because it was easier once shy knee is better in rural communities where there is let's. Yet to be concerned there you notice he's he's meeting on Friday he shed accusing me some recommendations. The expectation is there in impostors are seeing because it is say. And he comes from water costs are very rare well probably put some you know potential discussion around. Asian likely sexson and some some winds around how. How we might think but administering the vaccine were border are fully expected to to go back and start to be deployed into next week. ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein always great to have you doctor thank you. And he's a must.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"An ABC News medical expert breaks down how the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause affected the pace of vaccinations and what the next few months could look like.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77243434","title":"Race to vaccinate the country","url":"/Health/video/race-vaccinate-country-77243434"}