Rare Condition Creates Allergic Reaction to Cold

Colorado family's two children diagnosed with cold urticaria after breaking out in painful hives.
3:00 | 11/15/12

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Transcript for Rare Condition Creates Allergic Reaction to Cold
Goal. -- -- its market changes seasons in northeastern Colorado. The old days -- year old -- an eight year old Taylor playing outside. Franken -- family knows days like this are numbered I typically have a little freak out when you start seeing whether start to cool down. That's because the -- -- children are essentially allergic to cool. When it first started it. -- started in the diaper area so they told us diaper rash -- it went to diaper rash with a staph infection. Then it went to. Winters itch which they said was just when the skin gets really dry in the winter. And Connor was just three years old when the -- adults first noticed the painful rash we went to doctor after doctor after doctor and nobody can tell us what it was it got so bad after a day playing in the snow Connors whole -- started to swell we took pictures and we would say this is what happens when you know. When he gets cold and I tell the doctors don't think I'm nuts and I had one doctor -- that I was nuts. There's no blood test for this doctor William Lansing -- asthma and allergy specialists for the past thirty years finally crack the mystery. He used a simple test using an ice Q you put it on -- arm for three minutes and watch what happens as the skin warms baca. -- like this means cold -- to Syria how common is this. Not very it's a small percentage of the population. A person had about five or six cases in my career. The frigate -- now know Taylor has it to -- serious -- other -- -- under an air conditioning vents in Maine at school last year. Has had a body -- reaction. To Wear her throat and started closing agents finally found my home can't strike took -- problems at least during my Caylee is getting bigger and status Malek. Taylor started to go into and a -- lactic shock all from an air conditioning -- where you scared. I generates candidate Alan campus -- in cash it's scary and painful and when I get out and I have very action mild flow -- -- down. I just want to be carried -- -- why not move to warmer climate you can't get away from it. You know with Taylor in the air conditioning -- important go someplace warmer there's going to be more air conditioning vents on. And there's an interesting phenomena that many people -- -- this. Are living in the southern part of the United States. More research is need it. Doctor Lansing said it's unclear exactly what causes cold Arctic area light shows up when it does and whether the condition will get better or worse with -- But the good news is treatment is fairly simple they take. Senior every ninety and then and Taylor takes. The site is all I think -- -- it. Every morning so antihistamine is the best way for people with this condition to protect themselves. Yes just a matter which one of what -- is there any risk to that. Not really most and his students -- without side effects. And the family has found other ways to cope I -- -- have to pan -- And I'm like everything I have -- -- scarf and Jack all kind of -- to kids aren't allowed out of the house when the tenth dipped into single digits. Tailoring Connors been a lot of time cozy up on the counts you have to get a morning have to -- -- me antihistamines and then just have to watch. Which it's -- heartbreaking because they spend a lot of time just. -- -- -- -- it's not easy being a child with cold -- area well. Sometimes that I -- I can't imagine learn anything can now it's like the Franken filter so driven to spread awareness. And to get more answers for this medical mystery. On -- Cabrera seven --

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{"id":17730379,"title":"Rare Condition Creates Allergic Reaction to Cold","duration":"3:00","description":"Colorado family's two children diagnosed with cold urticaria after breaking out in painful hives.","url":"/Health/video/rare-condition-creates-allergic-reaction-cold-17730379","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}