Reality check on the race for a vaccine

Johns Hopkins University senior scholar Dr. Amesh Adalja discusses progress in “Operation Warp Speed” and whether Russia’s COVID vaccine is actually viable.
7:13 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for Reality check on the race for a vaccine
Joining us now to help us get out reality check on the cobain's nineteen situation especially. In the race for a vaccine is senior scholar at Johns Hopkins university center for health security. Doctor Amish adults and a doctor Gaza thanks for joining us. I I know you've served on government panels tasked with developing guidelines for the treatment of infectious disease emergencies. And we just earlier got an update that operation warp speed is on track to deliver 300 million vaccine doses. To the American public by January of next year now. This is a massive public private partnership. In your opinion what is the US government getting right and want if anything are they getting wrong not just in the search for the vaccine but. In finding the virus. So when you look at operational what speed it is something that many of us and all war for some. Having a week to shore medical countermeasures. That we're nots basically Julius on the slot. And it removes some of the audience uncertainty and many of these companies are in basking. In his out of vaccines are chasing soy using debt. Just the whole idea about resorts to manufacturing. Many candidates. In both slowing know the idols he's results will be one way to down. Time soon scale. When that vaccine becomes available this is miss is an eight year old something and I think we all support. However one of the virus overall I would say to the federal government is at. A major problem being able to recognize series of this out and start from January February and march where. The threat was minimized the CDC testing. Slot the tests are plot indeed been playing catch up since that we continue to have its expertise. The White House last undermining of the CDC which is an acne Zack. Premier public health institution and we need to cctv in the driver's seat but this pandemic and for all disease emergencies. Now let's talk about that big headline we woke up to you earlier this week which was Russia's claim that they've developed a vaccine. There's been a lot of criticism but look let's get into it by let me ask you when you personally take that vaccine I mean we're Russia has been criticized for cutting corners. And calling this spot make five victory. I would not say this five vaccine at this point I'd want to at least he stays on her face to date we have not seen any peer reviewed publications he'd been describing. Dior at the efficacy of this vaccine even an early stage clinical development of the previous two mile black box in until we see that data I think this is really a highly. Speculative endeavor. Nothing bad happens because you don't want. Any kind of missteps at the Russian experienced a color people's. Colored people's. Evaluation of other vaccines that are that are out there and it's going to be a major challenge to get people to vaccines or any kind of seek you have to guess is that emerges from the Russian experience. Could be something net. Will be. Something to the public health authorities in this country are going to have talked to the general public about. And doctor found she has expressed. Skepticism publicly. Do you share that skepticism. I do share that skepticism we don't know anything about this vaccine other than. What kind of a vaccine and as we haven't seen these wanna see Stuart animal data it's sad that these types of data exists and that there is going to publication but until. We see it published until you see he reviewed it's really hard to make any kind of claims about so I am skeptic. Optical eight actually had a C earn it seats and I just that they don't need our. The vaccine development process as the April this vaccine outs. So so walk through the norm role vaccine trial protocol and and how does it normally operate and why was this Russian trial different and nonsense. Apple what how. Happens is you go through different phases of study phase one phase two which you really looking at the safety of the vaccine and does a vaccine actually induce antibodies and cell immunity what's effects that you experience by getting any moves to east retrial where you actually back. Backs and a larger group of people not just dozens or hundreds that meet each tens of thousands that something that might be rare something might happen 1% of the time we got it you'll also see how close in a bodies and how he's Alameda east stairs when a person that vaccine is spaces of virus in the wild. That's where you actually get shoe efficacy that's where we actually know whether it works whether. The Enola S Russian vaccine is that they're skipping the east trial and it going to do it is actually are to the general we don't know whether it's going to work and we Delahoussaye it's going to be given some. H. They say they don't face 1 in eastern village and we see none of that data. Right and there have been reports of cyber security breaches with relation to information on vaccine development. And when we're dealing with a global race for a vaccine like this with competing countries. Do scientists anticipate espionage because there have been a lot of talk the international cooperation when it comes to covad. There has been some reports are in to us. On this and other witnesses were brought it iris. Now. The outlook is where it ran a world where everybody's trying to get a vaccine Ian. Some of this industrial secrets or or proprietary information and we know that they are and present. The ability it's you be able to act. Is in breach and I duplicated replicated it's like using this is an important question is you know that this is very similar to sort. Of seen being developed. Her. And how confident are you that the January date for a US vaccine would be one that you would be comfortable taking. Based on the data that you've seen thus far. But the US vaccines he wrote these lines based data and waiting to see based greeted us starting now. If we base three. Pass wit a CDC adults as well see against arsenal while adding to be something. But I would recommend people were taken and are now enrolled in clinical but it's transparent. All informed consent soy duty is very different than what we see in Russia and do it United States and United Kingdom and swell to about seeks an act that seems. And be given the elation and -- what weight do we finally. Stand down. And so that's my next question about exiting the pandemic not if but when there is a vaccine there is concern that cut would we'll never simply go away given the lack of a perfect match. Do you think that's the case or is is this just going to be our new reality of having co bid some strains of it's still out there. I do think that code is going to be with us this is a virus that transmits. Very efficiently from people let's establish itself in the human populations a vaccine will keep it under control but I don't think it will be eradicated from the planet. We've only eradicated one human disease from the planet and it's not something that we need to do for me is also I do it this virus is going to be with us I think you'll be much less of a rapidly seat. And it built. We'll doctor a mash indulge a thank you so much for your time and for all your perspective. Appreciate it thanks yeah.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Johns Hopkins University senior scholar Dr. Amesh Adalja discusses progress in “Operation Warp Speed” and whether Russia’s COVID vaccine is actually viable.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"72363515","title":"Reality check on the race for a vaccine","url":"/Health/video/reality-check-race-vaccine-72363515"}