The Red Velvet Workout

Jen James on how to get fit with a Cirque du Soleil-style workout.
4:58 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for The Red Velvet Workout
If you wanna look like a performer -- the surface LA or at least experience what it must feel like to be one and the red velvet workout -- Preview part strength training part luxurious dance moves this is a work out that combines the strength. -- -- -- -- exchange dealer and a creator of this. Super -- work out what they came up for the second and I dancer first professional dance and I started learning aerial. Techniques about five -- again and his -- kind of the ultimate mix of both the and I want to stare at fitness can now is it mostly strength training or is that a combination. Also down some strength how -- I think these latest pictures like a dance classes so everything is a follow along and it ultimately creates a routine that you repeat of -- -- but threw out that I hear anything different street news and a lot of this is based on upper body strength and that. Ability to -- -- and can anyone take a classic he needs and had happened came back and had and I predicted that spent half of genocide against them. Picking the right side. And bring it behind you see how this other -- and trying to be dropped her left hand down towards your wrists. And then let -- with -- -- They handed -- an idea -- and the fabric and listen I'm down underneath. And club that left hand she's creating that little loop -- grants and then -- great event that not perfect it's not -- here. Kind of pulled down on it and lift your body -- you've gotten into the next prostate cancer pot saying the lens back. An -- and it means that other version of Bradley and then -- that you have with this new apartment here -- and you just laid back into the open after -- Scores of friends and then you can't let your body's been honest -- the -- down into the -- -- and just let yourself risque. Prayer that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And once you've been an easy thing -- on the fire. And then -- -- right -- that museum but it. And then you're going to -- he'll tell you feel so -- the feet and hands slowly comes down. And you see is that -- hit. Single. And back in the union appeared feet down. At that middle class. And then just aren't that they can let the fabric flag. -- you. Middle back and then. Tonight if you want to does that -- Debt spending these. Get your hands. Load. And in the go -- and done an inexact. So that you can say that Benson for number I let it get it then ended -- -- Come over ball into the fabric frightening event. And that mean for your hands up higher than any. Yet pregnant and then straighten that -- great let so that you pull it -- here yeah. And then right there you can also -- your left hand. And then he can pick me up. And get hot and. Cheney and slowly lower your way back down your hand size down this huge. -- and -- -- It's beautiful and our efforts and it -- -- hand them. Yes. And moved tanks at an event -- want to stop it and that. And then open your legs back to stop don't find any cancer and and you this lovely night yeah. Sent to -- him. -- -- And then you can hang out and look I. AS CNN. -- -- Development and spent evenings and may take -- -- And then you're gonna let actually blow away the duties of -- for the next to keep your hands and Patrick. Clinton's plane happened ahead. The fifty Austria friend here. And I just had been here in this spot every -- also Britney if you want you that you could put six. You know I think it -- -- -- -- you can thank you so much like it was quiet and kind of an amazing clapping yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":14958906,"title":"The Red Velvet Workout","duration":"4:58","description":"Jen James on how to get fit with a Cirque du Soleil-style workout.","url":"/Health/video/red-velvet-workout-14958906","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}