Religious institutions canceling worship during coronavirus outbreak

Christianity Today Magazine's Katelyn Beaty: "We need some external source of hope."
3:38 | 03/13/20

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Transcript for Religious institutions canceling worship during coronavirus outbreak
And many large institutions and public gatherings are shutting down for the foreseeable future but. What that means for religious gathering places like churches and synagogues and mosques is still in question so. How our faith leaders addressing this crisis with their constituents we have Caitlin Beatty of christianity today here to unpack some of that Keylon thanks for being here. I wonder this virus spread it obviously spread so much more quickly when people are close proximity woods. Tends to be the norm at religious gathering so how are places of worship handling. So in a place like New York he had a lot of people just canceling service says you know the risk is too great especially if you have elderly people in your congregation that's churches do. If you house people with canyon copper compromised immune systems the church is supposed to care for the most vulnerable and right now all what that looks like is either canceling service says. Or are finding more creative ways to still connects but turning to digital forms of worship whether that is. Having here near preacher preach a sermon and you watch at home or gathering in small groups or. Even connecting on something like a zoom gathering and praying for each other over as in gathering so it's it's a weird time but it to be. You know part of what it means to be. In a religious community is to gather with other people but I think it's also an opportunity to get creative to still be present to each other and to sport one another even if you're not in physical. Lets us Hari Singh religion and science interact right now. So I think a lot of people think that you can't us. Before both are you can't turn to both religion and science in a crisis like fast but when you look that's. How most people live their lives I think there are plenty of scientists people in scientific community who are. Our religiously observed and two are probably praying right now. Four for a vaccine for a breakthrough for more information on how to contain the spread of code at nineteen. He also hot religious people who are turning to the scientific community and saying look we need to trust. This community and we need to trust their findings need to take their findings seriously. And so I think these two. Arena is a human life and human knowledge and co exist right now on actually needy child care. You know science is really important way of finding truths. Religion for a lot of people from as people the world over is also really important way of finding truth that also finding hope and solid son. You know a path forward. You're fine that this is impacting they had all been a trying time for faith or is this bolstering faint. It is might view that it's a really exciting time. For face because the reality is that in in crisis moments like that's we realize. That humans are limited in their balance. We only know some my sweet we don't know the future. We we need to some external source of hope and work also all act he cannot at something like this. Like so that nineteen reminds us we can't just be. Thinking about ourselves in have to be thinking about our neighbors and that is the central hall of most of the world religions is too. Be treating your neighbor as you a treat yourself to love your neighbor as yourself and this is a moment where we can really. Drop to gather and remember that even if that Armenians were not physically but you know social distancing as a form of social compact sand and that love in this unique mount aunt sister Mary take on it. Yeah can be we appreciate being on thank you think so much for having me.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Christianity Today Magazine's Katelyn Beaty: \"We need some external source of hope.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69586599","title":"Religious institutions canceling worship during coronavirus outbreak","url":"/Health/video/religious-institutions-canceling-worship-coronavirus-outbreak-69586599"}