Old School Work-Outs Are Still The Best

ABC News' Chris Cuomo reaches his peak performance with some old-school gym routines.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Old School Work-Outs Are Still The Best
Hey I'm Chris Cuomo tremendous help you with the -- mr. Joseph Dowdell we're here peak performance one of the best -- anywhere. Give me the idea behind why he's old school -- movements are actually the best recipe for. Time efficiency and body efficiency repeat performance. It's about creating an environment where you can burn a lot of calories in -- short period of time. It's using really large loss of muscle groups and movement patterns that so that you increase oxygen consumption as well as increase the intensity of the work an overload on the mosque which. Old school plus the new school. -- the best school. That fixes to the -- -- Smart schools that was never my thing I got today are so Joseph Dowdell is shown me a little bit the intricacies of the per hour here. -- what I want to remember when I -- this so keep your if your -- straight -- kind of engaged here. And that -- are you gonna take a nice. -- -- drive just pushed the floor away he'd gone. Keep going nice work again this is an integrated -- I get there you know what -- -- remember in doing this chest out shoulders back you are making good posture. And noted -- -- -- you gonna -- and then switch hands and people. There -- go perfect nice reach good. All right now I got all do about the health -- 101 bank is to do is like at this base via a -- care hospital walked. When it try to walk you know as normal in terms of your your feet -- -- -- as possible. Pick up the speed that -- -- perfect. Now I think makes this hard. Good that your body wants to go like this and like this are so here's -- -- -- the easy part. Is picking up the first time rather well -- -- -- -- -- a -- You write this kind of sitting between yours elf and on your biceps and from there you want -- about shoulder with stance. Fight that war. And and you -- -- slowly descend. Into the bottom of the swat. And slowly come back. Ornery -- -- take it down again to control. And realize what of the important things to remember here. Nice tall Paul posture. Arms nice race hate war robberies from here the big thing music and rotate onto double Decker what your -- inward. And then released the ball. All coming from the hips and I asked who. Through there. Here we are battling ropes what do I need to do do in terms of form wanted -- to stay -- fall on his shoulders of the actresses though it's good -- there. And -- -- it was from there just gets attention on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here we go nice waves perfectly topics I'll talk -- -- animal from the Muppets. Secret to -- performance. Old school school combined. Go from this the best.

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{"id":17254740,"title":"Old School Work-Outs Are Still The Best ","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Chris Cuomo reaches his peak performance with some old-school gym routines.","url":"/Health/video/school-work-outs-best-17254740","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}