Secrets to a Successful Cleanse

Whole Living's Alanna Stang shares her cleansing tips.
3:00 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Secrets to a Successful Cleanse
Bookkeeper way to kick start your body into the new year how Clinton's essentially going from the inside out which is now seven -- to a successful -- -- editor in chief of whole living magazine -- thing. Well thanks for being with us today thanks so it's actually a lot of them hit the gym or that you hit the -- -- something they can do in addition that. Yeah a lot of Clinton's as these days and it's kind of thing to do in the new year or even doing it in Holland and her four years as a fourth annual action plan okay and what. To talk about is ways to make it a successful it's it's a tough thing to do and different things -- -- cynical -- figure out why you're doing this to lose weight you wanna get -- caffeine and sugar gluten. Write it down and it's it's good to refer back to keep you focused if you are in obviously that's the next step to keep -- -- actually right now ever seen even snacks things like that absolutely everything you eat when you -- why you -- how -- makes you feel. And one study we found showed that people lost twice as much weight who who wrote definitely so -- you know. You think you -- you consent to cut sleazy. A year and putting in your face of it yet obviously -- a food journal to help you as well but all seniors and incorporate the people in your line yet I'll tell people what you're doing you know. Tell your partner your family your co workers anyone who -- would use -- that you know they know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Also -- a little warning sign because and that did you go through someone withdrawing. Edgy means support an end to end -- -- friend and rates have a buddy -- if you have somebody who you really doing this with. As a partner you know you can support each other it's great now in one of the things that you talk about is the importance of drinking water that we think we're trying to get basically almost -- -- them. Flush them out and the way that the did -- -- design is that you knew all of the foods really helped to expedite that process but the water. Keep Stiefel and it flushes out the toxins that are important and what about the tightening of our meals when were eating. We want to eat pretty steadily but not constantly so. Three and five hours -- most including snacks. You kind of reconnect with hunger and -- you know again that's part of the journal and figure out when you're eating what you're eating what makes you hungry now -- the moment he put out an entire week -- week -- -- that -- turn. That we design the plan to build. On itself so the first week is really basic foods it's nothing processed fruits vegetables. In the forms of -- season and soups salads. The second week healthy proteins are incorporated and again so -- dean's X-Men. Glenn totals and then in the third week you're getting you're getting Clinton free grains back in and -- reducing. The we Israeli kind of model for you know just a healthy way of eating and and very quickly what -- we -- The six main things and it should gluten alcohol caffeine. Processed foods and dairy animal out of our system of laws from -- living magazine -- so -- great advice thanks.

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{"id":15819443,"title":"Secrets to a Successful Cleanse","duration":"3:00","description":"Whole Living's Alanna Stang shares her cleansing tips.","url":"/Health/video/secrets-successful-cleanse-15819443","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}