Secrets of Women Who Don't Get Sick

Health magazine's Cristina Tudino on staying healthy this cold and flu season.
4:42 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Secrets of Women Who Don't Get Sick
We'll have that friend you somehow manages to make it through cold and flu season without ever getting sick so what are they do saying that we're not here to break it to -- a senior lifestyle editor from health magazine Pristina to -- Christina thanks so much for joining us and so -- talks about getting the flu was shot at this time of the year but what else besides the flu -- can we -- to boost her immunity at this time a year. Right so one thing it's really important to do is to -- fresh -- it seems a little counter intuitive because you think I wanna stay inside where it's warm but if -- -- inside. The coming -- Constant Contact with other people. And with -- journalists. It's important it. Take that'll break and get some fresh air to it to get a break from that exposure is especially true for those of us is that working cramped offices -- -- there are definitely just because -- coming -- even closer contact with even more people more germs and the other thing that's good about it is getting outside to take a brisk walk can actually boost your immunity. And that's because exercise and naturally. Helps out your immune system can you also recommend a relaxing. -- -- that's something that's probably easier said than done but how does -- booster immunity. Right sell out when -- stressed out you're just more susceptible to getting sick and that's because when you have an ongoing release of stress hormones. That impedes your body's ability to create the molecules. That triggered it disease fighting responds I've here -- music Staten. I didn't even know that -- and the one -- -- analysts think about his washing your hands that you say it's a lot more complicated than just. Quickly running your hands and the -- -- -- so cold and flu either just so easily transmitted through -- especially when you're dealing with. Hard surface like that he ball. For a gas square virus is came in for up to eight hours so you've got to wash your hands and are few key things to keep in mind. The first being when you watch lab expert when he -- and south -- that's a lot longer than me and many people of new. To make she got this twenty seconds and and then make your hands are complete -- dry. Because bacteria can -- So much more easily from damp hand spent some -- hands. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid bar -- because they can actually breed germs. So you want to use to hand dispenser even better attachments to Spencer. He -- his regular self. Not anti bacterial -- and that's because anti bacterial -- can actually contribute. Today's development -- antibiotic resistant germs -- -- bad thing. Another thing you can do when you're on the Dallas to keep alcohol -- -- -- disinfectant like senior person in your pocket. So you can -- facts when you're on the maybe USANA bacterial flights that use regular selling actually washing your hands. And then whenever you sneeze or cough. Do it into that crook of your arm -- to your hands and say it say. I always better to do it into that crap on your arm and when you do you cough or sneeze into your hand always wash afterwards our recent survey came out. -- found that less than 40% of people. Wash their hands after -- -- their cock and that's just. Cutting as germs right back out there are other people -- cats cat the other thing you say is you need to get enough sleep. Sleep is so important for your overall health but -- passionately. -- -- Really don't wanna get sex so I'm sleep. Just boosts your -- immune system's ability to function and one recent study found that people who get -- Than seven hours of sleep and night straight. Are almost three times as likely to catch a clause which says it really significant that this isn't so you need to get more than seven hours at least half early today -- hours and a elephant and that issue and -- days is such a big issue for so many. And one of the reasons is because. When it's bad time it's it's one of the few times you had to actually think things through its one of the things -- recommend is before you get into that. -- write down on a piece of Paper all the concerns and to -- that are running through your high today. When you do finally get under the covers your mind is clear and you can -- Get to sleep another thing you can do is it's called progressive muscle relaxation -- it sounds complicated it's really sent so when your laying in bad. You want to start with your toes you tanks and released them. And you work your way all the way at your body and it's a great -- relieve tension and and that's gonna help you get the rest you need. You make sure you don't get -- that's actually really competed yet and that something you can do every night yet very quickly before you go to -- All right Christina to -- from health magazine thanks so much and very tense thanks.

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{"id":14839655,"title":"Secrets of Women Who Don't Get Sick","duration":"4:42","description":"Health magazine's Cristina Tudino on staying healthy this cold and flu season.","url":"/Health/video/secrets-women-sick-14839655","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}