Two Sides of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Cohen explains how lax regulation can make alternative medicine harmful.
1:30 | 02/29/12

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Transcript for Two Sides of Integrative Medicine
-- medicine may be very useful for patient populations. Combination. Complementary Madison's. Alongside. Conventional medicine and done and name in a systematic fashion that is safe. And and done in a way that ever on the treatment team is aware of what the patience standing. This may be very useful for helping to control symptoms that -- that can come from the diseases themselves. Or some of conventional treatments the challenge with with. Herbs and supplements and an often leaves have vitamins is and they are now regulated by the FDA. And that means that there isn't a lot of oversight in terms of the quality of the products there could be contaminants in there. They could actually be nothing -- -- -- active ingredient may not even. Being that. In that -- that supplement that you purchase. And so without this regulation. We have. No knowledge of the potential harm that could be coming from these products. So I personally think it would be important for the FDA to start having more oversight. In this area. First and foremost for safety issues to make sure that that there aren't harmful things in these products. And then to really be able to give people. Evidence based recommendations. On. These different herbs and supplements for treating different medical condition.

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{"id":15820473,"title":"Two Sides of Integrative Medicine","duration":"1:30","description":"Dr. Cohen explains how lax regulation can make alternative medicine harmful.","url":"/Health/video/sides-integrative-medicine-15820473","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}