Singer J Balvin talks mental health during Hispanic Heritage Month

Dr. Jane Delgado of the National Alliance of Hispanic Health goes over depression and suicide statistics among the American Hispanic population.
5:07 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Singer J Balvin talks mental health during Hispanic Heritage Month
And if you haven't heard on September is national Hispanic heritage month celebrating the history and cold cures and contributions. Up Hispanic Americans have positively influenced and enriched this nation from politics and media arts and entertainment. Incredible people using. Their platforms to inspire change like. His struggles with anxiety and depression a post that. Garnered nearly two million views of take a look. Get a particular letters from. But it took until a complete book of persona tell them. This ordinance here. She. Euros so good to get. The that they put the December palladium some amends. We suggest that a clearly this field early in the book that. But returned to put up without. So much justice in the sun kissed the financier I didn't really. Quest to lose it if it was business. Always feel as. Two didn't. Book is initiatives. This is. The SEC it there I mean these posts are so in packed full because they help to continue to break down the stigma attached to seeking help. And is seeking therapy. If he didn't know Hispanics make up eighteen point 3%. The population. And it's growing the largest ethnic minority in the US so it's critical to address mental health not only for this community but for the wellbeing of the country's I want to bring in doctor Jane Delgado. A Cuban American clinical psychologist. And the CEO of the national alliance for Hispanic health. Doctor Delgado thanks for being with us today you know I just want to ask you first what are that common mental health conditions. In the Hispanic community. You're going to focus on one I would focus on depression. Depression is something which is more common Arab community but it. What happens is because Arab people like to do everything themselves they think they can just get over it. I themselves but that really is not the solution he need to seek help. Absolutely so. Oh and I wanna I wanna read this pretty staggering may be disturbing stat here according to the CDC. It says Latina. Adolescents attempt suicide more often than any other group of female teenagers nationwide. Why do you think that is. Well first of all that statistics is an around for over twenty years. And we noted these aren't the girls who come over as immigrants but rather the first generation that is born here. And the reason they have that is probably could it's hard enough to manage the transition. From childhood to adolescence. To adulthood but imagine if on top of it. You'll also had to marry the different cultures both at home and the greater society. And they may not be this thing you know for us is Hispanic. Being close to our family and valuing spending time with then is something which is you know part of our alliance. But the largest society. Wants is to be independent. On our own rugged individualism. Those concepts makes a very difficult. For a young woman to know how to move forward in her life. And that makes complete sense and I think on top of that less than 6% dismissed surprisingly less than 6% a therapist. In the US on speaks Spanish and even though most Hispanics are English dominant their experience is a bilingual one so how does this. Impact their ability to find the help that they need. It makes it very cap remember a day in mental health. That language is not just part of asking a person. How they feel it's part of the diagnosis. And it's part of the treatment should he don't speak the language. It's very hard to understand the other person and it's more than just language whether or not someone speak the language is not enough. Is whether they understand. And values the culture. Those are things which make someone feel that the mental health community wants to support them. And honors their traditions and their values. You know before we go I is when asked you what can we all be doing the better you know collectively whites blacks Asians to help sure that community is. Properly served. I think the most important thing we have to do. Is valuing each other as people and understand that diverse cultures are wonderful. And that's what makes us a rich nation. I love it doctor Jane Delgado thank you so much for being with us we appreciate it you know welcome.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Dr. Jane Delgado of the National Alliance of Hispanic Health goes over depression and suicide statistics among the American Hispanic population.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"65752784","title":"Singer J Balvin talks mental health during Hispanic Heritage Month","url":"/Health/video/singer-balvin-talks-mental-health-hispanic-heritage-month-65752784"}