Skin Care: Acne Break for Women?

Dr. Marian Northington says women can suffer from break outs into their 50s.
1:40 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Skin Care: Acne Break for Women?
And many causes at -- It usually occurs when people hit puberty. And they start producing more hormones and that simulates more oil production people that we -- skin and the occurs in oily skin area -- On the other thing that causes acne as a whole way that the skin cells turn over people who have acne have. A hyper care to the station at the -- killer unit meaning that there on hair follicles are stickier. Then other people and that's what causes the white -- and the black cats which can lead to you more inflammatory acne. Lesions. Women tend to have -- until their forties and fifties and this -- just due to the fluctuation. Hormones that's why a lot of hormonal. A lot of our -- mean regiments are formally. Based such as -- easily treat women with birth control pills. Or other anti. -- type medications like outback town the best way to prevent acne lesions is using some type. Care analytic product which is something that's going to exfoliate this cannon and -- the -- -- -- -- white and black cats. These are things like alpha hydroxy acids like folic acids. -- like accidents -- Hollis over the counter -- these products are over the counter and can help prevent acne lesions hospice house like acid washes. Our over the counter and available many. Over the counter propped -- well. I'm -- -- and makes them -- you worry makes and there are a lot of brand to have terrific house like acid washes that can help as a preventative watched. And it washes are not controlling hanging and that -- -- there -- college --

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{"id":15932928,"title":"Skin Care: Acne Break for Women?","duration":"1:40","description":"Dr. Marian Northington says women can suffer from break outs into their 50s.","url":"/Health/video/skin-care-acne-break-women-15932928","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}