Sleep Texting

Dr. Shelby Harris explains why teens are vulnerable.
3:51 | 11/30/11

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Transcript for Sleep Texting
Doctors say more people are paying the price for access to easy communication with the disorder they call -- texting. And teenagers are particularly vulnerable it may sound harmless but being constantly plugged in can have serious consequences when it comes to your sleep. Joining me now to discuss this technology -- phenomenon is doctor Shelby Harris director of the behavioral sleep medicine program. At the sleep wake disorders center at month your medical center after Harris great to -- thanks for being -- thanks for what exactly is asleep texting. So 1 PM when teenagers or anyone even adults have a studio when they go to sleep at night. Oftentimes the first third of the night -- in the deepest stage of sleep. And Henderson opens next to them and it's like the sleepwalking disorder either texting sending messages and things in their sleep and no recollection act and the messages actually makes sense -- coherence sometimes they do sometimes. People say I have no idea what you meant by that right to -- and is it happening more to teenagers to adults as well. I think we're seeing a lot of morning dolls for teenagers are so. -- -- always on their -- five -- and I see them just texting and walking it's like an automatic behavior for that. So it's really and they're going some of their cell phones right next to them so it's happening a -- with them and have all kinds of consequences -- -- -- Not just for your sleep although that's a big part that I mean how restorative as a night going to be when you're waking up and -- -- exactly in there you're in new deepest stage of sleep and then -- -- -- transitioning to life stage -- it's almost like the -- on -- car they shifting that stalling. So if you're not having what good transitions between the deeper in letters to sleep it's gonna create some sleepiness and tired team next -- it's not and you say it is like a sleepwalking -- -- Are the treatments similar yet the very similar what we see a lot. With sleepwalking in general -- it's eating in your sleeve or just walking talking when Everest. Sleep deprivation when the biggest causes and other causes -- medication -- that it's the different reasons big thank. The teachers. Mendes teenagers are sleep deprived it just it. To Begin a -- -- -- they go to bed to aid and -- having to pick up very early early fall we'll start to write our big problem during weakening actually -- go to -- -- twelve wine and -- -- about this before than natural sort of sleep rhythms for teenagers -- later I mean they are phase where they. Should probably be allowed to sleep a little -- and learned at all that he terrible -- about it and wanted to in the morning -- sleep until ten -- eleven -- that's -- -- read them -- them and they become -- starts to shift back a little bit so -- -- -- -- -- trying get them to go to -- a little early if possible as -- parent if you think that your child is doing the -- -- You just take away and the -- I guess so that one thing is make sure they're getting antsy but the other thing has been caught screen time and so a lot of teenagers late at night their tax staying there on social media sites whatever it is an aggregate. Stop the screen time an hour before that practice good sleep hygiene overall and if you can -- know it might be a struggle. Get the cellphone out of them because one thing we didn't discuss yet but it's -- can be a serious problem is that some of these teens actually not just. Texting their sex -- vastly out something we're seeing more Marva teenagers in general rates and they're doing it -- with that but it's even worse if you do immediately sent out a fax I'll go to speak -- because I can have a kind of reports I could have lots of ramifications so there a lot of reasons why should get that cellphone at this hour. Unplug -- right now it does the amount of time you use your device during the day relate to how likely -- to sleep that's at night. Now we don't know section new I can't say -- -- -- it's really such immune disorder adding we don't have a label had actually a disorder called -- texting right but sleep walking we know for a long time but people really hamstring to taxed more and more now so we don't have a lot -- recent -- we just are starting to note that there's a trend of it happening and I'm sure it'll keep ongoing help and yes thank you so much after Harrison's my pleasure thanks to happen.

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{"id":15059737,"title":"Sleep Texting","duration":"3:51","description":"Dr. Shelby Harris explains why teens are vulnerable.","url":"/Health/video/sleep-texting-15059737","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}