Smart Food Choices

Keri Glassman on how to eat well at holiday parties.
5:37 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Smart Food Choices
During the holiday season temptation is all around us with so many sweets and -- how can we avoid gaining those extra pounds at this time of the year. Joining me now with her tips is Keri Glassman registered dietitian and author of the 02 diet -- -- -- happy how I think you assume it's a very batting time but it's time people were trying to watch their weight at one -- lot of temptation out there. There is people went to parties every day he there's a lot of temptation on a daily basis right now -- -- -- one of the important things is before you even go to these parties. Be prepared. He prepared really your appetite we have now our mothers -- -- don't ruin your appetite I would say are really take half a snack before you go so that when you get that you don't go headfirst into the mini hot -- and then of course once he walked into the room. Assessed the situation right exactly I only say. -- SaaS -- the whole situation because very often there are healthy options you might see that Spain is different when you arrive -- -- now it's all downhill from here. What you should do is check out what's there there might be shrimp cocktail there might be a whole platter of -- a -- and you might. And that being able to half a completely healthy meal taken gravitate in that direction of the back bay -- deep breath and check it on the and I'd also say that you know most -- -- hostesses appreciate him bringing a little something and that's another way of sticking to your diet exactly so if it's the type of situation where. You are asked to bring something you could even offer -- -- to the host before hands. If they want something and bringing healthy -- so at least you know there's something there that you can eat that's healthy. To help you control of your title and -- Exactly go out Philip wanted to to buff -- go up if it's even a big holiday meal where all the food is out. -- -- plate one time try to load up half but your plate with vegetables as clean vegetables as possible the ones that look like they were either grilled or -- this as opposed to the ones that look like there you know deep that I butter. And butter. So the cleanest festivals as possible should -- about half your plate. Then have. A quarter obviously be some lean proteins elitist protein available and -- -- that last quarter of your plea from warranty in decadent. They decadent starchy dishes so. Even if it is the mashed potatoes and stomach I have two months but what they have -- those little cocktail played CNN little -- still only allowed one. The one hill that's a good question. And that -- if you're going to like the cocktail type you know obviously only develop more than that -- 81 with festivals are -- with festivals. One with just a little lean protein and then maybe half with a little bit of a more decadent starts right and don't go all out. Exactly don't hold out all -- actually goes along with ruining your appetite you should eat consistently get out that day so that when you get there. You are you have not -- your metabolism and you are not starving and you don't just eat everything in sight when you eat consistently throughout the day. You're more likely to control the calories you -- when you get to the party and you give yourself license to have a little -- to light at the party -- don't feel totally -- right exactly -- indulgence -- -- -- man -- but seeking to assess the situation and you've seen what's healthy there that you might enjoy seeing that you can also see you might want -- intelligent but again you're not just sort of throwing in the -- scarf and down everything you say right now one thing though you do say put the kibosh on the alcohol. Will -- care found exactly be careful look at I and we say skip that first drink when you have Patrick White right when you -- Sometimes a couple of lawyers -- here defenses there and you go for again. In that the most decadent types of foods fried foods in all of those -- you can end up over eating and that one -- might -- -- -- -- very fast if you skip that first one and then rotate every one with water you're gonna -- more hydrated -- -- to help hang over the next day at. And you also may cut out one or two drinks now about fruit fruit is our friends right through it absolutely should be our friends just look at fruit for dessert sort of a commitment vegetables with a meal. Fill up on some fruit and maybe just -- you know 12 or three bites. A more decadent dessert like you know the chocolate losers again this is really want which should be your conscious adult absolutely should do it like -- said with here. Mind that clear that you're having -- -- -- -- this enjoy and it's not going to be an online that exactly in -- power -- this you -- to something you really want. But again -- on the vegetables assess the situation -- the meanest. Pro teams available and only intelligently you really care about and then of course -- -- the talent something you don't care import and then remember what you really bear -- -- to socialize and pop the ball that I get to lineup the good. Exactly focus on the people focus on who you really want to talk to who you really wanna spend time with the holidays are really about it shouldn't just -- in that's right and and of course we have to remember -- When we get home we may even -- all the nights we may have you know just had exactly what we meant to eat we didn't overdo it. But then we -- the munchies and how when some people in ruin the whole thing. Well here's what happens is sometimes -- little cocktail party this is more about a cocktail party -- a whole big holiday meal at. You -- and you say okay I didn't happening hot dog finally had a little piece of shrimp and I had a little -- to -- And you may have done a really good shot and then you get home here Aniston pick up just like the deli slices of Turkey and some frozen vegetables. You know microwave -- spectacles that make yourself a little you know platter of Turkey but at least. Eat something healthy have a real meal ready to go when you get -- -- don't go to -- starting. Well exactly or more likely diving into the -- that's. Picked Kerry got -- thank you so much -- -- -- they're -- counties who.

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