Smart Snacks

Chef Heather Christo shares her favorite healthy snack recipes.
5:07 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Smart Snacks
Helping snacking is a great way to boost our nutrient intake while satisfying those in between -- -- and it doesn't have to be hard to do here with some great ideas for healthy snacks that we can whip up at home. -- entertaining expert and staff -- there Chris. Hey -- I think it's an honor having me here so I think -- women we can all sympathize with kind of being hunted down. That you know whether you're not there -- he's got his career. We're all trying to squeeze and I'll smash and these are hard to make -- their -- involved. So we've got a cottage cheese -- here and it's used low fat -- -- More ounces of roasted red peppers. Scenes you know these are just spicy hot peppers and the way all. And you know about a tablespoon each kind of push the garlic living currently in -- -- things Enron garlic look at it I eat. And the chance to. Another nice creamy consistent I have like today's -- here. Have seized him and in 39 calories for -- -- kind. 39 -- thirty ninth Harrisburg -- -- Substantial. Community bringing well. At any -- part of my benefits yes we -- kind of got -- late night mind speaking on the couch and said reaching your -- chips or pretzels. Go for the popcorn you got a lot of fiber and popcorn and -- The tremendous amount of victory Fredricka used Rosemary. Which consumer in the olive oil healthy fat. Increase in the US senate that let up in -- -- -- straight comedians he Atkinson a quarter cup. Popcorn kernels. And this -- you know. Meeks is cups of pop art weren't kidding now about wow that little bit and then I just add some chili powder it. Your songs and hot you can act and smoke -- Not make even would probably -- ahead. Like crazy and he boat people it's about as many calories as -- -- I love it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ingredients -- they are incredibly high in protein and fiber. I think that this is an alternative snaps you know since you just have about a quarter -- But it will really help to state cravings you know hours you can stretch -- -- -- between. I think -- -- different varieties. One is spiced with an eye on yeah. -- me constantly yeah. Plan kind of sugar and spice and -- How do you why can't see if -- is just -- and three men couldn't be easier. And I -- about it's people's food from Canada probably don't. And get them I would -- and -- -- chest. -- -- ice packs around them and when you get them coded debate and bring out -- at. Fifteenth. And that this was -- turn out like so are they kind -- yeah there are seeing him. And nothing's -- who is faring any -- so I always think of it as an alternative. Now -- please turn back. At this as a sweetheart I ratings wouldn't put on the news and I'm here -- a little bit of sugar and it's extending me she -- her to not name. It's just camping hat you know something that's really. That's a nice holiday thing with an imminent now -- Alan I have not gotten grades. -- yeah not a sweet see you then there's how he waits until today for not a lot of calories. House caucus and I make mine went fresh frozen fruits and so -- -- raspberries for these. Is this just happened to the I don't know what is it Greene's younger he -- he's certainly youth and light younger. Pork flavored yogurt this is tiny -- to -- the house passed it is -- -- -- the and then this isn't my secret agent Allen Q so cool that I add about a quarter cup of -- and that's it. Well not only did it in the blinding easier -- -- is in. Radically get not only for your skin but your digestion so fat cats like Obama -- -- phone. Salinas is nice and creamy you're just -- put into your popsicle molds may wind up being about seventy yeah. Calories each depending on -- you -- Here's that pier coast team piper from the various vitamins. I don't really fast -- -- -- -- -- -- And then like right there three I have ferret out -- million dollars -- Heather I thank you so much for all these great healthy -- -- so -- -- hockey.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Chef Heather Christo shares her favorite healthy snack recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14868429","title":"Smart Snacks","url":"/Health/video/smart-snacks-14868429"}