Spring Allergies Come Early

Dr. Neeta Ogden shares tips for coping with seasonal allergies.
3:00 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Spring Allergies Come Early
We may be loving the unseasonably warm weather are fortunate though it's not great news for allergy sufferers as this is now the fourth warmest winter on record. It is triggered an early release of all the pollen from the trees are joining us out of disgust us this out just -- need it odd -- not -- thanks for being with us today. So what's the correlation between an early spring -- seasonably warm spring we've been having and. Early -- so the mild temperatures that we've been seeing pretty much all winter. -- optimal environment for pollen -- And what that means is that -- coming out early that means a longer season and what many are predicting. Unfortunately for allergy suffers is the most intense policies and that might be in front of us yet -- the most common trigger that it would be the policy and obviously the pollen is the most common trigger for those springtime allergy symptoms and in the spring -- tree pollen. Late march through April and then grass pollen which takes over in May need an early June. Okay in the symptoms are they going to be the same because it's tree pollen grass pollen. And it's happening early in the spring as can be the same as what there -- to have outages throughout the rest of the year. Add that this isn't spring tend to be just incredibly intense because about -- exposure. But it's -- the classic symptoms sneezing. Itching eyes watery eyes. Runny nose nasal congestion and scratchy throat cough these are all the classic -- of. And you don't even necessarily have to get all of those things to know that you've got allergies he should obviously get tested by -- I just as was to make sure -- fact it's not something more serious. Yeah I would definitely on the you can always try some over the counter medications like the Claritin in the Allegra mister tech. If those don't work if you're suspecting RJ you should go see a doctor an allergist can prescribe other medications that may you know may do better job than those. Because each of those preventive medicines -- each of those things that you itself treats -- the symptoms they can all do something a little bit different both. -- medicines all pretty much do the same thing they just sort of -- potency. On the medications that an allergist or doctor can give you those things will target. Different parts of your body. Differently I drops anything else we can you to react absolutely eye drops again and our district doctor -- prescribed antihistamine eye -- Intra nasal steroids they don't antihistamine -- -- willing to close to a different than like -- -- of those clear eyes revising something like that absolutely and I'm glad you mentioned that because lots of people come to us having. Really use those eye drops. And they don't help and they and they don't help after a certain point and that's when you should go see an artist you can -- you again the proper -- -- -- the work. Good to announce that we can -- and see either in this beautiful springtime warm up we've got yes the -- need give thanks so much for being with us today thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Neeta Ogden shares tips for coping with seasonal allergies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15920743","title":"Spring Allergies Come Early","url":"/Health/video/spring-allergies-early-15920743"}