Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution, One Push Up At A Time

ABC News' Amna Nawaz is at Crunch Gym in New York City with tips on how to stay in shape and stay motivated in the New Year.
13:11 | 01/03/17

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Transcript for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution, One Push Up At A Time
Anybody what in the hot here in crown Stan how he had no that's thanks for being there. Thank you things back at mean having any air happy and I happen here to view behind us. I don't most of you native resolution. To get it right my seventeenth at the apple trees with here yes we're ready to do that yet yet there may be that motivated. They're packing the classes that Kevin then that disparity that it's this is that you and there aren't statement. After he aren't that team they need it. You and yet. Settling yet name any decent tips and had a motivated yes yes. And throughout the air at the end and they I think you know after the didn't do you view from your. Your home without me. Out is that it needed famous than he is not yet. That didn't want this something that was there Philip let's get started is yet to start the reigning U. He's acted and an exercise in do you at this pretend that you're seeing at year this day at. Actually start with some spot. Warm ups and bring arms straight out engages in and had its use it all the lead. Hilliard the eggs working for you I'm looking. At you can't get at if you want a bit more and the challenge you don't have to go all the league now an ill house that lines and being added that great. Orbitz to means that all the way back and actions and keep my end is there yet. They'll be titans and indecent openers and very simple incident. Yet and CNN. Catch your Laurie yeah expects. And that that it was going around. You know. We're now exactly the right so enough. From those at last minute do you. And rapper. In exchange. That it actually stayed back and then with the image that is well. For anything even. Great and athletic people have lower back. The Houston sitting down and holidays in an easy stats while wearing. And just whoever feel comfortable to you won't Pena hangar eighty. Exactly swinging home just letting you know. That would eat rats and they were taken relate acts are those first time UV statute that indeed if office. At. So let's go up at advocate Jim we have an exercise you can eat apple like you're travelling with. Stacked with an eight which is great where. He out of other muscles in its. Actual. Air. Eight war you know each evening at me hate and end its. Here's lyrics. Mean. If you want. Today the office take this into me. Really peaking at the end of an alternate. What's happening now in its. And the mother earth and those beads used his good down and that's something you think aim saying athletes. This is absolutely. This is really engage in the more. Herman at a certain ethnic me I actually sat at the eleventh month. Again he going to be using multiple muscle groups operate it. Exactly. Great but don't. Yeah. Are other things. But other dancing crass there. You need a modified version amnesty to keep it down here fits neatly fits on the floor exactly don't eat much at all you don't. Hatfill I'm excited I'm jump up and you have access to send an announcement that it can't. Grabbed one. And then go back to our sixth squat here. Which looks as an Addis led team. It's like that answering each upper body that was Latin born here arguing make sure they hear if he and your knees are all lined up. And they keep its Catholic did you really is swinging speech probably back. Ending L those that we all see it you name it upper body. Seeking shall there. Again try that. And you keep it in it and play in every. And you reading it very important. Let's Evan them. Initially you know they agree exercise this is great for the hamstring and often. Virginia at and then TD. Where. Next. XCNC. And tying his many muscles and went back earnings were very. It anymore and you are exactly what easy. So on in terms not. Still reiki working. Enhancing for the pack Patton and an officer. And Hitler must agree. And initially one more that's super planning to step your free and yeah if you get if you have done. That tip that you really want to finding that you enjoy doing. I'm keeping nudity it's raining do you A learns here with a shoulder at. Isn't keep those Alba is about ninety degrees. And then press oddly apt. If you want to think Sally and ammunition you went to do you in a press that rant let and then off to do you hamsters and adding to instability. That's perfectly. Well I don't know that let them coming here in the birds eat what you if people. On Anthony's Pittsburgh well over this statement at Belmont that's. Want to find things that you enjoy it to you I never write things when it makes it out. Many keep ingesting. So enjoyed dancing and be tied dance class and it makes me if I'd yoga class or our. And the chat now to Kathleen you know makes it. Today yes music is at Edelman they sell prominent at levels that I it's a great. Resource for finding music. That's motivational. The super cardiology and party and it's now called I'm asking yeah. Thank you did you think that impacts. That is not exactly. Exactly. Yet. I. Lot exactly. Eleven at love it fell apart get back it up. He went also mean HI tonight you thank you don't eat at lax he needed it. Exactly in a heartbeat. Well there's a couple of easy party you think do you. Do you recommend to wreck. You can anti McCarty of birth and then going and I think people. We're. Doing nice to get me minute warm up get hurt me and the muscles warm and administering. Worshippers. Taking anything interval styles accused thing is that they're packing and turning it into your heart you know. I keep the heart beat out. Burleson and possibly some actor every add exercise. I don't know when you're in the right zone at you know here rates right where he pretty Brett let me give me. I. Yet every when it you know Bill Bradley. You know you need them a lot of buyers stepping down but. Larry human achievement in meeting have exit package is indie acts of those things are here question do you get the triangle stretched. Let's afraid that this mine is that you're working the war. Mainly I think is sort of what kind of I don't like at triangle that might look at her and then in have been I'm. Anything really really adds fees and we're getting all the lead at all the way down this topic and expects it may just work. Very. And then of course indeed the others that bush either. Her that some. Yes and that's a great way to really stink then and sculpture court at some other there. If anything an you can do you anywhere. Me out. Media about mining groups to work out with what you think it is summer that we. Don't worry me at one time or camp site he co workers and Ian me. You know people they'll hold you accountable atlas Iowa. These were actually at some friends and and we got together and if it's. But my cat but act of keeping it to happen. Great support its enactment it's easy people to be accountable exactly. And talking about locking in a lot propping up in the attack. Over the holiday season and that it is news. What can people be doing nature that they are using tech. As I wanna put it on every day for Sharon could start stacking your backpack no fun when and where it. This isn't greatly in that schools it's an old patsy me how many calories you learn. And it's made and measurable results anything even look at right back at it last week still terrible today. The last week that was an executing as well claims that rule banning the end he'll get them exactly look. At. And you can't really. See what you are doing Alex you know that aren't taking everything behind his and you nominally that inning. Equally. Any other that's you know exercises. I. That would mean we did take it down I think I'll Phillips and having a strong forest super important note at and it do you a couple of easy basic. Friendship. That I like I'm happy you know. My latest. It didn't think that this camp that that with a double screen come down and you gonna being here. Late and then Childers now. That's and they use that. But that. All the league and meat filled me that. Partner. In the van and then bring in arms over and banana role that we have and then he and a and it and hour and acne. Are but there aren't I would call it that when you with all the late then that you is that we. Did make. Able. And you. Halftime advantage and are Latin mine resources the F thanks black hair acting exercise video is. Is it rape me it also. Biting new modalities in the sky and think well yeah I'm also getting him in short. Where cats as well. Immediately that about fifteen is always a problem people panic time where am make it to the in the to go along. You just need today at just need to have some Alka you know. Convenient here people are so excited to get in I think sometimes overdo it seminary. Up in here I'll recovery time. And in recovery days. Afterwards so. What if you are you're gonna talk to a lot of people here yet coming weeks we're going to start to be little more help little more motivation and how do you tell people out there. Not releasing it after the first two weeks it anywhere from February 1 with your top seed motivated to nation this becomes like that changing not yet. A resolution on Iraq. Yeah I'm you really just have I think really schedule your workouts and so maybe when it sending me take your plan there and you really put your work out in for the week. You know reach out there is those were counties with your readiness. For Sharon attacked him crack translating diaries are great rates. I'm really log went to you know your progress. I'm confident remember the intention why he won at work out some others feel bad hair maybe one more energy for your kids or. You know the clinic always keep that intention and mind of white working now that's a really good point he hasn't read exactly. Back eight kid that you so so I think he is helpful. Awesome they have to do more that I've got something that I would have a little bit of this. In jail or here but thank you for joining us they get more. In the coming weeks with an eye towards its previous years. Resolution to make sure you stick to. It's over now. She later I get back.

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{"duration":"13:11","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz is at Crunch Gym in New York City with tips on how to stay in shape and stay motivated in the New Year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"44525684","title":"Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution, One Push Up At A Time","url":"/Health/video/sticking-years-resolution-push-time-44525684"}