Stomach Viruses

Dr. Albert Levy reveals how to treat and avoid the bug.
2:19 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Stomach Viruses
With their eyes firmly set on the Super Bowl Eli Manning and the giants. Had to contend with something very common to many of us and fortunately this time of the year the stomach bug. Doctor Albert Levy assistant professor of medicine at mount Sinai school of medicine and founder of Manhattan and the practice -- everything we need to know a -- how to prevent the stomach bug in the -- north of the things that Manning had to do himself to maybe. Get over a little fast. Doctor Levy thank you so much for being with us today first of clean up the difference then -- the virus that causes the stomach bug is not the same thing as the flu virus correct. That's correct them -- in. The food is typically a restaurant tree. Disease a tent where you have chills and fever -- sore throat. Congestion you feel like. Truck -- over you -- I -- the through. And there stomach -- is something more of contestants. Meaning. You have more diarrhea nausea vomiting you may have -- you may have fever OK it's self limited so that it comes and goes couple of days you. It's true and when you mentioned the prevention it's not that easy. Because one few catches. You think there one thing to do these try to avoid to contaminate -- coworkers and team. Rightly -- -- as the -- the giants are probably keeping their distance away from Manning a little bit because I don't wanna get that another he's better that's what's fun that's the proof right that it is very self limited and it is very very come through contact physical contact air contact what does that -- Israeli contact -- from food. Unfortunately or fecal route OK so you can wash -- hands of pushing -- go to -- restaurant and shake someone's hands. You don't have time to wash you well -- So if you do do there. -- -- Public you. Stay home so it. -- -- -- what do you have for treatment and when should do finally get it that's a very good question Buchanan first of all keep hydrate OK you don't want to dehydrated wither. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unsweetened. -- OK we'll try to avoid so does. And they'll have a couple of things like for example unsweetened regular yogurt OK with which is great there's a -- dive which is a -- -- -- and rise up personal loss and post the -- and it paid that's for the beginning of of the diet that you should -- -- do -- it into water and then yes some tricks like for example limerick. Which he has been used for. Thousands of years rise and -- -- -- and on the very very good thing. The ensemble me off the medicines which are -- Padilla. Without side effects such -- -- from of them. Is one of them Knox of Monica -- -- -- the one OK and you have pro violence pro -- is a very very important and -- would replenish. What -- flora you lost with you or Rea. Those alternative. Things you can do you don't need them occupy holiday you don't need to go to the doctor -- -- if -- homes they hydrate them on. But you see could be very debilitating disease Ely -- and -- -- of such caliber. Get -- and he's the total value of my practice early voters so -- like smaller people like like us right right that we ought to would be -- dictators so you have to respect your body. Do stay hydrated use these alternative. Elements that you can and -- and let that point for a 48 hours cycle and that's right when you really need to call your doctor Mel. If you have something life HIV or diabetes or it's a very small child and depression according to doctors make sure that -- among and not something. OK all right some good advice and good morning their doctor Levy thank you so much appreciate it I know -- certainly happy that he's gotten over -- well I don't lot of people as well. Tickets and its advice and suggestions. Recuperate just as quickly thank you went -- them.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Dr. Albert Levy reveals how to treat and avoid the bug.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15406254","title":"Stomach Viruses","url":"/Health/video/stomach-viruses-15406254"}