Stop Getting Sick!

Whole Living's Alanna Stang with tips on staying healthy this winter.
4:57 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Stop Getting Sick!
Unfortunately along with the beautiful holiday lights and festive gatherings comes a slew of coughing and sneezing and let's face it there's never a good time to get sick you certainly don't -- -- get -- during the holidays but don't fret. We're not helpless in the fight against cold and flu in terms a -- mustang editor in chief of old living magazine is here with some gray. Tips from their latest issue to help us stop them from getting -- has been -- thanks for being there for having me I have to be really enjoyed it way back have broken this down because it's not just about. Don't get sick it's about the different phases. That's right it's in the piece is about stuff getting sick -- what to do if you do get as it does happen to all of us so. To prevent sickness the number one thing is just get rest. It turns out that about two thirds of Americans don't get enough sleep at night and sleep is when we're building our. Strength that's when her body does repair it's when we build fighter Celso -- is so important has certainly to this kind of year where are rushing around it's very hard. So get sleep go to bed earlier if you have to but that's really important and then stress would -- have stressed the holidays -- -- -- I am so -- -- Think about where your stress is coming from and do things to alleviate take the other classic -- Aaron Kelly does that mean -- not to do is come home and have -- -- drinks because that just. Saps your energy and eat healthy foods your colorful foods are super important assignment here -- you're. -- -- reds and yellows especially those dark leafy -- right that's one of possible -- all the preventative. Measures we can take now that's what if we feel we've been exposed as well I think we've all -- -- how -- -- -- And bullying you know. Planes subways buses as we have kids in the house there with other kids I mean nine and minor constantly coming -- is so if you've been exposed and go crazy washing your hands is what I say and teach your kids to wash their hands do so. Lather up and do -- really good job you wanna spend you know 2030 seconds washing -- getting into those palaces. You know get a little obsessive about it and bar soap is fine but if you if you don't have bar soap at hand -- as it works really well just make sure it's. At Phnom baze went at least 60% alcohol -- -- -- -- -- that not all the same that's right that's right and then it's you know supplements really help I give my. Whole family and elder Berry. Echinacea is an antiviral that you can take on the preventative basis vitamin -- garlic -- lots of garlic in your diet. -- are good that he's not so lovely what -- that as an eyewitness his team let and hot liquid keeps the it membranes moist and not really helps fight off. And sickness as a saline nasal spray is also good thing also keeps nasal passages points. Especially if you're getting on the plane I would highly recommend them and then of course rats as important at this stage -- -- you know just. Just let yourself a break as much as you can now now that it's has now turned. They -- -- has now turned into something more and you realize oh my goodness I'm -- right so it does happen you know no matter. How well we prevent higher you know all the things we do right -- we do get sick so. And if you get sick -- I say don't go to work stay home stay in bed pulled the covers up. And you know act like a sick person can pick -- -- overnight your second that's. Is right and you know don't -- and in fact everybody in the office so drink hot liquid. This is a hot apple juice with a little black currently -- -- and it's -- hot cordial and you know that just moves everything through you as much as possible. And you can also do and natural vapor rub. A little bit of essential whale. Pine or eucalyptus or menthol. Put that with a little bit of all -- -- -- on the chest you can also do those same oils in. Hot days and put a towel and steam or hot bath. That really helps to clear the chest up and this is a great idea and of course the -- again it's very important I honestly yet and if you if you've got. Sore throat wanted to like -- -- -- -- a couple of -- that your favorite. Suddenly there was really work. Those those are great mandate date -- really hopes to fortify you when you're sick and is there are there any other over the counter -- -- -- -- -- I would suggest vitamin a had in the end the African nation the vitamin C is when you're sick all of that stuff just hopes to move -- -- -- and shorten the duration of you know sticking out now and in -- getting a fever like lasting call the doctor -- but these are all natural. Ways that you can you can prevents and alleviate. And -- where can people voting -- more kept somehow we've got great stuff on our website -- living dot com mom I'm and magazine the December issue fantastic I want to thank you so much thanks for having me.

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{"id":15148937,"title":"Stop Getting Sick!","duration":"4:57","description":"Whole Living's Alanna Stang with tips on staying healthy this winter.","url":"/Health/video/stop-sick-15148937","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}