Study: Sleep Disorders Common in Cops

Sleep deprivation may affect 40 percent of North American police officers.
2:24 | 12/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Study: Sleep Disorders Common in Cops
Sleep disorders are problem for millions and can have a debilitating effect on your health and work and now on new starting in two countries -- -- police officers. And how they sleep and their findings. Our big concerning our senior medical reporter doctor -- -- -- here now with more -- Johnny Diana we should all be concerned about the health of the members of our. Police departments but this study found sleep disorders were common. And has an effect on health according to the researchers effect on performance and safety. Doctors can assess what's happening to your body while you sleep when we can't breathe during sleep. That really degrades the restorative value of sleep sleep disorders are associated with poor health as well as -- -- performance. And. Increased safety risks these researchers screened nearly 5000 police officers in the US and Canada for sleep disorders -- -- his eye opening. 40%. Of police officers in North America screened positive for sleep disorder. And that's really quite an astonishingly high number sleep apnea where one stops breathing and sleep was the most common finding affecting one in three in the study and that has consequences. Offices that showed symptoms consistent with at least one sleep disorder. Where high risk of being diagnosed -- depression. Anxiety disorders. Diabetes cardiovascular disease and a number -- -- at this health conditions for two years the researchers questioned the participants having them evaluate themselves in terms of performance and safety practices the officers reported problems. Offices were at much greater. This all of making an era. Having any intentional -- when their work and great rates of absentees and since obesity is a known risk factor for obstructive sleep -- state police in Massachusetts whose officers participated in the study offer workout facilities at one hour paid exercise time during each shift for their employees. It really be -- employers to make an effort to screen for sleep disorders so that they can make sure that sleep disorders are adequately treated. Which will improve performance how safe couldn't work. This study is also relevant to workers on changing shifts just police officers it's one of the largest studies ever to screen workers -- disorders it's been published in tomorrow's journal of the American Medical Association.

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{"id":15201078,"title":"Study: Sleep Disorders Common in Cops","duration":"2:24","description":"Sleep deprivation may affect 40 percent of North American police officers.","url":"/Health/video/study-sleep-disorders-common-cops-15201078","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}