Swimming for Seniors

Dr. Jane Katz shares her water exercise techniques.
2:56 | 10/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Swimming for Seniors
68 year old Jane Katz spends most of her day soaking wet. That's because this former Olympic swimmer is on a mission to keep her class of sixty and better seniors. In shape and active. Fighting the signs of -- It's wonderful lists from many of the -- even walking. May be difficult on land they may have had a hip replacement -- knee replacement but in the water the journalist -- -- the -- -- -- circulation. Increases that may feel better right away. As arthritis medical conditions and limited range of mobility. Start to slow people down. Katz says seniors can skip the -- and jump into the pool to improve their health. The water -- can -- I can jump came into -- fund drive. But she's quick to point out -- it's just a bunch of smashing -- -- we're. -- -- Warner exercise -- so wet this what I like to pull them is very deceiving because He used to -- fifteen. And the point -- of water and the waters twelve times more reason than there you can move vertically horizontally search. In the water so wherever you -- they're getting that reaches from the water. Katz -- written more than a dozen books on water exercise. Draw it on her experience as a world recognized competitive swimmer and educator in the field of gerontology and -- She says there's a few things keep in mind. -- first step check with your doctor water exercises she says who really gets your heart moving next. Always warm up by using the -- board or just water -- To get your blood flow. Also always listen to your body can't says the -- in the water and not feeling the heat and sweat of exercising. He might not realize just how much you're pushing your body. As for routines she tells her students -- three times a week should be plenty to get the benefits of water exercises. They like. Few analysts who -- balances and -- And overall I feel really. Much brighter than I had before scientist. I just feel so invigorated remain in the Warner could see the wonderful -- And beyond the physical advantages get in the pool offers seniors a chance to socialize and make for -- I would -- -- that He can just cut out. Chat about what you plumbers are they don't go away but you know somebody else has those concerns as well. So we solve the world this thing.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Dr. Jane Katz shares her water exercise techniques.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14820837","title":"Swimming for Seniors","url":"/Health/video/swimming-seniors-14820837"}