Tainted 'Spice' Sends 5 People to Emergency Room

Victims experienced kidney failure from a blueberry-flavored synthetic marijuana
1:18 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tainted 'Spice' Sends 5 People to Emergency Room
Officials are continuing to follow up on reports of at least five patients coming to an emergency rooms with nausea vomiting diarrhea as well as back pain and a potential common link between the cases. Is that patients smoking as synthetic drug known as -- But this is -- people substantial physical problem so we're gonna explore any charge that we can. Make this not an appealing thing for people that are dealing poison basically to the kids out there on street. According to police a powder or type of liquid was possibly added to this -- Causing these life threatening side at. Facts we found -- all the ones from the sources toxic people's bags. Were considerably more full. When it first artists elements of the stuff is still out there who think that if you have spice right now that we've got all the dangerous stuff. The victims from the tri county that -- the blueberry flavored spice -- between fifteen and their mid twenties. -- is a very dangerous drugs whether it's legal or illegal. And you know it's not a very regulated drug in case just don't know what -- you can't tell me that this isn't targeted towards kids when it's labeled. Blueberry and -- go. Why do you put on those those types who -- flavors if you're not gonna try and if someone wants to. Smoke something that's presumably sweeter taste good.

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{"id":15850644,"title":"Tainted 'Spice' Sends 5 People to Emergency Room","duration":"1:18","description":"Victims experienced kidney failure from a blueberry-flavored synthetic marijuana","url":"/Health/video/tainted-spice-sends-people-emergency-room-15850644","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}