Tech Tools for Runners

Jeff Dengate from Runner's World shares the latest gadgets.
5:05 | 11/05/11

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Transcript for Tech Tools for Runners
Runners from all over the world are gearing up for this weekend's New York City Marathon and training for and distance race is no longer -- solitary endeavor. In fact many used technology and social media to connect with other runners while training at the 26. Point two mile challenge and others like it so if you are inspired and hearing up to Begin training for your own race we have the latest tool. To help you connect with your miners virtually joining me now is Jeff density multi media producer for runner's world dot com Jeff thank you so much for being with us so -- will be running the New York City Marathon this weekend well your fifteen time. Fifteenth marathon this pig marathon fantastic you like this marathon is fun it's fun wall to wall people from start to finish and so I guess. When you're ready to New York City Marathon you don't feel disconnected from their fellow and I haven't -- I don't know loneliness out there definitely about that. But it's certainly training and running -- -- and certainly be. Solitary at least in the -- and way. The training always -- there -- the loneliness of the long distance runner you you did this. By yourself -- miles and miles and not seeing anybody else people didn't understand what you did. But now all you can't use loneliness doesn't excuse not to -- right -- for center runners have so many tools at their disposal to connect -- Others nearby them or even far away as around the world so many end it -- -- connecting with Iraq. Motivation inspiration really getting -- -- doors one of the hardest parts and if you see others that are out there putting in the miles some sort of -- to you have to do it -- You just have people -- in humans and what you do today. I don't wanna telling me to zero also a sense of being part of a community there is you make friends even if you don't know the people you know and they are and and you sort of develop friendships like you wouldn't -- in and looks a little about being challenged not runner's world. Dot com website that the correct at the -- -- challenge a program that runner's world has gone to. Did you do this we we train runners through -- standard -- plan that we've been known for. But we go to web site where runners can come and connect not only with each other but also with the runner's world magazine editors and experts to get. Advice on -- nutrition and injury prevention. And even injuries but they sort of develop this community where. Retirement and anything and everything including what race they're running what you what to do what they missed a long run. At present scenes advice on issues -- are using your editor will be in there answering those kinds of questions right and what Nike plus -- Nikki plus is -- one -- products that they had there's -- censoring your shoe or they have -- GPS enabled watch. Where you go out and are you wearing that right now I'm wearing a different especially by different they have wanted to just out with me and a -- time. Distance and then you -- -- that onto their web site and -- your. -- share it with your friends. And then -- friends can challenge you to things may be. To -- 211 miles in 2011. Certain things like that there's the community that -- -- based on what you're doing by yourself it's very exciting added these new GPS watches for runners mean you'll never get lost again -- -- and I'll tell you can't see a map on them but Adam they do track. What you've done right he's right and sort of decent Hughes. To what you're doing arguing -- -- -- Right sounds a couple of and daily mild. That's doing miles -- website that you can make it up with a lot of different Smartphone. GPS -- But it's a -- that -- you -- you -- your information what you -- very slick design very simple interface. And when -- bought your runs you're friends see it you see what they'd done. But it gives you some nice stats and -- to see how many miles -- run how many doughnuts and burned. Democrats are -- out of it -- that is good through all. Now tussle that about some other ones you've got some more and it it once Islam share run keepers one that it's out there it was primarily. Started with an iPhone. And -- -- GPS capability to track your time that you and I obviously from this you know he's he or android. Not as much anymore because they built a lot out. Behind the scenes now they have a full web site where you can actually go in and enter workouts manually. And you have street teammates who are basically your friends you see what they're doing -- -- doing. Communicate back and forth with them but it was really built based on the Smartphone apps for business is that one other. -- There is media dot com -- Beckham is what's that has been around for awhile and it's. Helps people various interests can -- can be for a change. One I belong to is in New York trail and ultra runners media group. And it really is about bringing people together in real life. Are you sort of -- yeah and you sort of have a similar interest you talk about what events are coming up and you get together and we get together and run. I'm September 11 we actually got together and did a loop around the island of Manhattan island -- -- -- healthy everything you talk about it online yes people you've never met before you actually meet in real life later that's really fun to -- thank you so much about -- good -- in this -- I think.

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