Terminal Illness Leads to Impromptu Wedding

Couple from Maine exchange vows after inoperable cancer diagnosis.
1:42 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Terminal Illness Leads to Impromptu Wedding
It was like any other wedding -- bride a -- family and friends but this ceremony originally set for June. Had to be moved up -- today. That's because when Gary Hanson was at central Maine medical center in -- to have his gallbladder removed doctors found inoperable cancer. So the place where Barry is being treated for terminal illness became the venue where he and his fiance Pamela friend here -- Pretty overwhelming. But through dollars a piece about it again it was a very simple decision made. You know liberals. More than ready to. -- -- -- Each had been married before and both have children. Five -- very six children attended today's wedding one of his sons is an ordained minister and presided over the ceremony. Particularly in honor. Two to be a part of it. That moment in this life and two it. To just be there for him to have all -- salmon numbers here. For most of the week has really -- Support that's done I mean you can't province where. It was actually Pam first called Barry -- date and the two been together for the last year. She was very excited coming they're gonna marry him and I'm excited -- them. So now mr. and mrs. Hanson are moving on with their lives no plans for a honeymoon instead taking things stabilizing. In the case of a lot of sadness that's the same time we feel very fortunate. It's very -- To experience -- thing and then to have. The -- -- life. Made it up with -- it's. It's truly remarkable.

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{"id":15389317,"title":"Terminal Illness Leads to Impromptu Wedding","duration":"1:42","description":"Couple from Maine exchange vows after inoperable cancer diagnosis.","url":"/Health/video/terminal-illness-leads-impromptu-wedding-15389317","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}