Texas Baby Gets Chance at Normal Life

Mother's quest for a second opinion leads to revolutionary care for her infant.
2:08 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Texas Baby Gets Chance at Normal Life
-- The mere fact that eight month old case and does not need a feeding tube could be -- in the air. It's a miracle -- a -- more. Born with a small jaw and oversized -- cleft palate -- and could not grieve unless he was light on his Dominic. He suffers from a rare genetic disorder called peer -- The disorder was basically causing him to choke to death his parents were desperate for answers. I was told -- the other and the doctors of the other hospitals that. Back that I didn't have any other option. This position -- -- told him his only hope was to surgically cut a hole in his neck surgery on -- Instantly a fight over police and medical care began check ups. It was a struggle at first told us that. That it wasn't our choice to send him to another hospital. And I -- with them for several days. Desperate for help misty eight scoured the Internet and -- -- last minute or email. Deborah Kaplan and nurse practitioner at medical city Children's Hospital received its or weary -- best parents -- -- second. It sticks out. Happened. Other cost ultimately it. Arranged transportation Alice had prepared him for surgery at large leap -- -- We have a highly specialized can provide. This revolutionary here -- Elaine and her house procedure attached and -- -- job. Each day -- brought -- one millimeter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That nurse practitioner. Is a -- for a long. But think about -- don't think that we're gonna be wrong with whom. And how she parents so much to get him here. Every. She didn't know us at all and and it was part of her -- -- -- Sunday. Does that cost John -- News.

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{"id":15331371,"title":"Texas Baby Gets Chance at Normal Life","duration":"2:08","description":"Mother's quest for a second opinion leads to revolutionary care for her infant.","url":"/Health/video/texas-baby-chance-normal-life-15331371","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}