Texas principal donates kidney to students’ father

The Oakridge School principal, Sarah Schecter, decided to donate her kidney to her students’ sick father.
3:43 | 01/28/20

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Transcript for Texas principal donates kidney to students’ father
Assignment maybe about mr. right I'm at a holiday some lessons art topped. You should watch it did you ever like mr. Rodgers when your little their model that's a big part of what we do here regardless of how Smart you are ambition she won art if you're not a good person. It's not gonna go anywhere positive B Jenner and speak kindly be brave all of those things Sarah Schechter is ahead of lower school at the Oak Ridge school. In Arlington Texas Blatter importing bored kids are. Why get up everyday and she will improve she is everything she preaches. Good about it like I know it's the right thing to do that and I still scared yes this was six days before a major surgery is bearing case for mother and a surgery doctors did order. But her heart yet it they have a thousand reasons why you shouldn't think. For me I just couldn't it couldn't be avoided learn go to church it's he might the sermon was about human kidney of course it was that. But that's what it out like Sarah is donating a kidney. An example of the character she wants every kid on campus annually. And something for three of her students. To celebrate. They have done really really gates. And it's scary that. News not planning Finley in so doing. William is in third great inking a pet sit before you know I don't miss Liz came in and used Alina what it. And air and is an ounce instances looking little they never really talked to classmates. About your dad. Stuck I think that's a good people my. Now that he's getting help thousands facing young king me to run high gas. William can't stop talking about it prove me thinking that you. And to think that they can lives or dad when they're just kids in school it just is so sad that I does that's my main thing I want them to have their. It it. They'll welcome I'm chronic Internet pool. Here's dat. Nation is seeing donor I. If they aren't fantastic. Let's. It. 24 hours after the transplant at UT Southwestern Medical Center. It. How up here back. I can act Karabakh is. Let me gazes. Illegal immigrants to mama on the time looking due to tinker with what can you. Words department just one week post surgery you know to a cut grass and regained repair half. Back to Nate Jones could laugh. About the gift of. I feel fantastic. Freedom is the best word to use. For the past eighteen months. I've been tied to some type of machine to stay nobody knew you Kindle analyst who. Undiagnosed high blood pressure caused his acute sudden regional field and then. If there are these two didn't know each other well despite different ages genders and races. Goal. They were a perfect match no one was surprised that she would get something that's. And that shows you the type of person machines massive presence for the keeping. Movement Nate Jones never asked any line to getting that kidney with that being. Entity movement but at Oak Ridge they teach. You don't need to be acts. To answer beyond how to they needing only is he tomorrow in Arlington to keep coming back. I won't see Mara I'm Teresa what kind of by.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The Oakridge School principal, Sarah Schecter, decided to donate her kidney to her students’ sick father. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"68592133","title":"Texas principal donates kidney to students’ father","url":"/Health/video/texas-principal-donates-kidney-students-father-68592133"}