Top Tips for Fighting Fatigue

Dr. Karen Latimer explains the best ways to combat extreme tiredness.
5:39 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Top Tips for Fighting Fatigue
Feeling tired lethargic. Fighting your way -- afternoon slump all sounds like pretty common things but if it starts to interfere with your life -- a regular basis -- you put much thought. Into what some of the causes could be what joining us now to discuss a few of the conditions that can cause intense -- -- family practitioner and author of the blog yes five dot net doctor Karen -- Karen thanks for being with us today. And I'm doing well thank you feeling wide awake and ready to talk about this actually I have a hands off at a yes five dot -- we'll do it for and I nothing about it what angles why they have big congratulations -- -- patriots fans -- -- you have got to show eighteen favoritism are so intense and T is intense but he. If he needed out there what is it. It mean if it -- that you're finding you can explain Bradley I think and it has no medical definition for intense fatigue and it would be subjective but. I think if you were staying up late watching the football game your kids are waking up in the middle of the night you know what you. A working really hard and you can explain away in your own mind and want you feel so tired. -- don't have to worry about -- you probably just have to try to get a little bit more -- look more arrests. But of a sudden you feel if you -- -- asleep at the same time every night. And you're eating healthy and you haven't had -- late -- And you just feel exhausted and it's interfering with your daily activities. Interfering with what you wanna do what can do mean and I would say that's intense it's good night when -- -- -- in one of the causes you mentioned -- hypo thyroid isn't what is that. Well if I -- at a glance at sits here and basically. Controls your metabolism. And along with some other things -- -- and consistent so. If you're not making enough thyroid hormone Eden you have hypo thyroid isn't so low level of and if we just -- lose everything. So you'll have symptoms. Like intense -- he OK you probably would have other symptoms of dry skin thinning hair. Feeling cold all the time but of course it's January and appear in the northeast we're feeling those things to. But the -- really gets of people it's not happening undiagnosed illness that -- -- it without sleep apnea sleep that sleep apnea is basically. Becoming more common personal. And a lot of people who are over -- suffer from it. And often people don't know that they habit and they are. Essentially tweaking themselves up because they're not getting enough air and -- not going down because of the way there Airways positions and because of the heavier tissues and there we -- themselves. He looks -- sleep apnea often -- and asking you first sign so if you're feeling. Extremely fatigued it's okay you think it's -- eight hours and I think -- in fact not because just -- you start to want to deeply. You make yourself up. And if your partner somebody else tells you that -- snoring gets your doctor because you can. Which service for other things -- cardiovascular disease and other medical conditions that can be very interesting eleven more attention lately which is good it's obviously commuters -- condition with dozens of it was always -- he -- all the time and brightly linking the two together that it was actually cause of this extreme fatigue. But now finding that then there are things we can do about it so -- -- -- that we've talked less seasonal affective disorder what about depression how can that plane to -- But the press and one of the -- signs of depression is fatigue and I think people. We'll acknowledged that the T get off the -- knowledge the other things that aren't yet symptomatic of depression hopelessness and the sadness and people. I'm more comfortable blaming it -- on the fact that they're so tired and in fact they are so tired because they're depressed I think so if you are feeling again like your fifteen. Your sadness here hopelessness is acting like you're not doing the things used to want to do. And you're saying I'm so tired all the time. You really -- to talk to physicians about that typically mark what about stressed he has a lot of how people get stressed worked up over -- or over scheduled date that seems to rev them up at that can also have a counter effect -- was well well in two ways to stress number one is so patent. Harmful to your body physically through physical health and physical well being -- action packed -- system that if you people headaches all kinds of physical things also causing fatigue. But as you know with years -- You're probably not sleeping tighter flawlessly -- oftentimes you wake up thinking about all the things that you know you have to do -- they are the things that I'm making you stressed. So for both of those reasons that's as a major cause of intensity and what about some chronic diseases that could be contributing conditions well I think basically whenever anyone feel anything like. Fatigue or some sort of -- -- they can't quite put their finger on their big question is you know and I. It is the area pretty apparent that it had actually reading it -- -- -- -- stressing out more while. Ken -- be a hallmark symptom of some major things like cancer and autoimmune diseases and things like that at -- ten. You probably would have some other symptoms Newton but I have to stress -- the fatigue is really concerning you and -- just exhausted all the time. We did great -- of the doctor it's not silly reasons for the -- to good reason to still it's not a matter just get a couple more hours of sleep trying to catch up on the it is and it's not that irks -- -- it -- doesn't work. Then you might have to look at some either medical or psychological causes that are -- behind the caffeine pills anything else that we can try to either cut back on -- increased more well I think the things that you can do to combat -- would actually be cut back on your caffeine you've come to rely on the crash because. Essentially it's really just gonna make you -- Usually -- right that you want to focus on getting -- complete relaxation techniques. Healthy diet drinking lots of water cutting back on alcohol again cutting back on caffeine would have without caffeine pills. Across the -- at all adamantly for the medical school if they like by. And -- -- -- -- good thing -- and company very Gephardt will listen with its great information obviously and and with -- five gotten that obviously think you know a few things about fatigue. Good -- with five children I -- yeah I suffer from chronic fifteen I know it isn't you tonight you know that my children the right exact and you love them off at some point they'll -- bag ready secretary of veterans like some here welcome.

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{"id":15422271,"title":"Top Tips for Fighting Fatigue","duration":"5:39","description":"Dr. Karen Latimer explains the best ways to combat extreme tiredness.","url":"/Health/video/top-tips-fighting-fatigue-15422271","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}