Trans Fat and Stroke Risk

Dr. Donnica Moore discusses a potential link in post-menopausal women.
4:50 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Trans Fat and Stroke Risk
New research suggests that postmenopausal women who had a higher intake of trans fats. May be more at risk for a stroke than others joining us to discusses women's health expert doctor Michael Moore doctor mark great to see you -- is -- a little bit more about this research. This is another study from the Women's Health Initiative which is the largest study ever. Of women orchestrated by the National Institutes of Health being published today in the annals of neurology and looked at over 84000. Women who were over age fifty have a way to study was done is that they did dietary survey at the baseline. And then again three years later so Davis just a snapshot. Of what these women's diets were like and what they -- was the group of women who consumed the highest amount of trans fats which was six point one grams per day. 39%. Increase of what we call a scheme -- stroke which is the most kind -- -- common kind of stroke that terrorists and so what is the link exactly the link is at the trans fats starlink is the trans fats and what we believe in of course this study is not the kind of study that was done in -- lab and showed us the reason the hypothesis is. That very similarly to the way trans fats can increase your risk of heart disease or a heart attack. And plaque buildup in your arteries to your brain can increase your risk of stroke or a brain attack that what symptoms of -- strapped -- this is important for every person to now in a stroke is a medical emergency. Five and theirs five means and ends ST RO KE -- six. What -- memory loss. The first one it's -- On and this is for any change in your speech you you know sudden acute changed learning of your speech next twenty for tingling -- new numbness anywhere in your body. Not what where my keys and I think he's in your hand and you don't remember what they're for rights. Back kind of memory loss the next when he's oh for being off balance so -- the way you would be if you were extremely drunk that no alcohol was involved. Cake killer headache worst headache and I keep thinking hey it's gonna explode and and the reason it's important for ever -- to know about this is for example if you are having a stroke and you had speech problems and balance problems. You're only going to be not able to tell me. What's going on. But you can be and a walk to the phone dial 911 and be able to tell them and time is of the essence time -- of the essence because there are emergency medical therapies that can be instituted. Which can dramatically. Change the outcome in Castro be deadly I can't think deadly but -- -- In most cases it's not deadly and that's why it's the fourth most common. That's -- fourth fourth most common cause of death but it's the leading cause of disability in the state. So we know the trans fat the trans fats are not healthy for anyone but now we have an extra. As an added reasons not have to -- them when we're older cracked to the -- and throughout her life and certainly -- children shouldn't be getting these either an effect where I was discussing this with this morning with my teenage daughter. The very first thing she did -- I told overnight as any time he Matt. Is look at the labeling on a cereal box. To -- that there was no trans fat so what should we be avoiding we should be avoiding trans fat at all costs on the label now where are trans fats. Processed foods baked goods fried foods. So basically everything that you're eating out in fast food restaurants has probably been exposed to some trans fat content. On the -- the packaging labels to huge loophole in this is very controversial what the FDA. Is that manufacturers are allowed to see zero trans fat it has less than a half program. Per serving -- you may still be getting trans fatty diet without even realizing it and then of course in restaurants you have no idea what kind of -- They are using but in places like New York City. Restaurants have now been banned from -- oils with trans fats and it's important remember vegetable oils like olive oil for instance very having hands and that could be one of the huge advantages. Of diets like Mediterranean right diet so this is where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure the other very important aspect of this though. That shouldn't be overlooked is that they also found that women who took -- baby aspirin one today. We're able to reduce that risk even if they were in the high trans fat group the -- every woman over fifty should have a conversation with her doctor. About what her personal risk for stroke and heart disease -- And whether she should be taking an aspirin and I think that's a significant reductions -- significant reduction and it's a very easy very inexpensive. -- -- preventive till it's not for everybody but either an aside I thought yes there are -- one of the big risks of aspirin use. Is increasing your risk of bleeding so this is why we can't make the blanket recommendation to everybody. And this is what each person -- stuck to their own doctor. About whether the benefits would outweigh the risks talked about the -- thank you so I think.

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{"id":15828543,"title":"Trans Fat and Stroke Risk","duration":"4:50","description":"Dr. Donnica Moore discusses a potential link in post-menopausal women.","url":"/Health/video/trans-fat-stroke-risk-15828543","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}