Travel worries as coronavirus cases rise

Should you cancel your upcoming trip because of COVID-19?
4:01 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for Travel worries as coronavirus cases rise
You dig a little deeper now into that question about travel because of course as people travel from country to country. We see this virus spreading so. As Karen mention lots of people are wondering is it safe to travel at all we're gonna bring in business an aviation reporter Mark Stuart here to break that part down forests. Mark this seems to be such a prevalent question and this time mere a lot of people like to get away. I know that the president met with the airlines CEOs yesterday what did we learn from that meeting in terms of how they're responding to this. Watching the big take away from the meeting was to let the administration but also the rest of us who travel that the airlines are fit to fly. And their takings have pretty aggressive steps Alaska Airlines for example. Is bringing in scientists from the University of Washington to make sure that their plea their planes are clean and safe. In fact if your on Alaska and you want another Coke you're gonna have to get a brand new cup they're not recycling. In addition carriers such as delta which fly those long haul international route they're using what amount to be. Fog machines to disinfect the planes after some of those long haul trips. It's important that they are out there because the last thing they want is for people to be afraid of flying and we know there's been so much scrutiny about how this disease travels in such. Travel numbers are down so the airlines want people to know in addition to the White House that it's safe. And so it the concern is being on the plane itself but then also once you arrive. If you have to get somewhere in the next 12 month summer in the near future you cancel. I think at the end of the day as the doctor just said you have to do with. What is comfortable for you it's not a one size fits all approach the good news is is that if you have some concerns in you are reticent. You can cancel to a degree to airlines are offering some flexibility. Its interest in a note though it airports around the world know people are on edge many airports are handing out. Free jell I just read that the airport in Denver as you board the plane is heading up those bleach whites see you can clean the seat of your plate but at the end of today yet do. With what feels right for you and your family. And for many people that may be staying home fewer people are booking trips and that means we're start misty some prices go down. If people feel up to it is this a good time to book travel and it does that apply to the near future or travel that's. Our events share unfortunately the airlines are not like the grocery store or the mall when demand goes down. Sales prices dropping not necessarily bright on Q. Talking to economists talking to industry experts they say sometime in the next two weeks if we see a price drop that's when it will really hit. Right now jet fuel is cheap so that's one thing that's helping the airlines or they don't wanna drop prices. Unless they absolutely have to you with that said last night Alaska Airlines was offering twenty dollar. One way fares between some cities. But I think that's more of a novelty as opposed to what's going to be the door OK so this isn't necessarily. A time for bargain hunters when it comes airfare at least there's always a bargain regardless of the health of the country. So if you want to travel absolutely go look. And then. For when you reach your destination is there something you can do before you leave to kind of if your mind a little bit or set set you know parameters in place in case something happens when you are right. Right if you're traveling with the domestic United States I mean fortunately we have a very. Large list at health care providers whether they beat the emergency clinics we see here in New York or or doctors' offices. I think the real question is if you are traveling to an international destination. Do you have a plan B or place to go to if you are sick sometimes just being prepared makes you feel better even if you happen any listen just for your peace of mind. But a lot of hospitals a lot of physicians have colleagues around the world. If you're going to London for business trip and you. Talk your physician he or she may have a friend there or recommend you to practice that you go to just in case you pick something up along the way we appreciate it my actor to Hamas.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Should you cancel your upcoming trip because of COVID-19?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69415656","title":"Travel worries as coronavirus cases rise","url":"/Health/video/travel-worries-coronavirus-cases-rise-69415656"}