Trump encourages Americans to donate plasma

President Trump visited the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington Thursday afternoon to promote the life-saving success of convalescent plasma in treating COVID-19.
4:40 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Trump encourages Americans to donate plasma
They're doing magnificent job at the recruit some delighted to be here. To discuss the remarkable progress being made in the development of close plaza so important therapies. These therapies tranche is powerful antibodies. From the blood of recovered patients to help treat those battling the current infection. That we all know so well. Plaza as one of the more. Delicate ways of doing things it's had tremendous. Response so far we've had. And it's an effort to excel are great to really accelerate new therapies and further reduce mortality. And we've been able to. Show some tremendous things if you noticed today. It was covered very well a lot of countries where they thought they were doing well they're not doing well at all at explosions. Explosions unfortunately. We're joined by secretary of health and human services. Who's doing a terrific job Alex is our. Alex hi Alex. FDA. Commissioner Stephen hi I'm. Steve. Surgeon general Jerome Adams. And I hope your wife is OK your own and now she had a a little difficulty of that I'm sure she's going to be five children please give my regards thank future. Doctor Francis Collins who everyone knows. Francis thank you very much and I H. And doctor Anthony felt she. Anthony high. And Debra was Deborah Deborah and Deborah. Good job everybody's everybody's doing the rich everybody's looking very. I want to also thanks to this CEO CEO of American red chorus somebody's done. Outstanding work I've known about it for a long time Gil. McGovern thank you again Stan really next in Asia to CEO of America's blood centers. Kate Frey. Thank you very much CEO what she is still limited Paul. Perrault. Well thank you very much age and CEO of lab core Adam Schechter thank you Adam very much. We've taken bold actions to give Americans access to plasma therapies. The FDA made the treatment available to patients with life threatening infections beginning. In March we provided 48 million dollars to the Mayo Clinic to support their expanded access program for plows out. We're providing up to 270 million dollars to the red cross and America's blood centers for the collection of up to 360000. Units of plows and my administration is partnering with commercial labs insurers. And health care providers to encourage donors. Who have had the virus to donate. Hospice you've had the virus if you donated would be. A terrific today. We really need donations if the possible. To those that have had the virus that you've gotten through it. And I guess that means you have something very special there right now so we would appreciate that it would help a lot of people. We're grateful to lapped car for offering free antibody testing to identify people. Who can donate and lap callers really been fantastic in a lot of ways but there was also. As a result of these initiatives we've already treated nearly 50000 patients with plaza. Roughly two million Americans have fully recovered from the virus. The shifted and I'm asking these citizens to go to the current virus stacked up. It's corona virus got up and volunteer to donate plasma. The Sudanese Sheikh had a lot of people that would yield would get better soon as you can please. In addition once again urging all Americans to protect the elderly socially distance Wear a mask and you cannot avoid he. Crowded places and if you cat you have to avoid crowded places just seems like so many things are taking place in crowded places we don't want that. And always wash your hands washing hands as often as you can. Together will defeat the virus will defeat the invisible enemy I want to thank the American Red Cross had been a fan. The records along Asian island we appreciate it work that you do.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"President Trump visited the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington Thursday afternoon to promote the life-saving success of convalescent plasma in treating COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"72086787","title":"Trump encourages Americans to donate plasma","url":"/Health/video/trump-encourages-americans-donate-plasma-72086787"}