Tulane Football Player Fractures Spine in Game

Devon Walker underwent surgery for an injury incurred while making a tackle.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tulane Football Player Fractures Spine in Game
Until a university football player is in stable condition this morning in an intensive care unit after suffering a fractured spine number eighteen -- walker was hurt Saturday in two -- game against Tulsa. And doctors say it's still too early to determine if he will be permanently paralyze his fractured spine was stabilized. In a three hour surgery on Sunday our thoughts and prayers go out to him. You guys and her in the first half. Pulse medical staff great job taking care and full compliment them. -- at the hospital right now stable. Currently traction he did sustained a cervical spine fracture. Who's -- he was conscious when -- and he actually never complete lost consciousness. -- reading. I think. Emergency response from any Taylor ahead kindness her stabilize -- Hands I think you went as -- Yes I was concerned about stability. He is stable right now in stable and transported him. Did not date. Based on the information we have this life was never in danger. After -- and -- the medical staff vote. I too -- -- -- Also medical team that fantastic job stabilized and man here.

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{"id":17201077,"title":"Tulane Football Player Fractures Spine in Game","duration":"3:00","description":"Devon Walker underwent surgery for an injury incurred while making a tackle.","url":"/Health/video/tulane-football-player-fractures-spine-game-17201077","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}