Unapproved Alzheimer Drug Could Be Cause For Concern

Dr. Peter Whitehouse says prescribing non-approved medication is complex.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Transcript for Unapproved Alzheimer Drug Could Be Cause For Concern
Physicians. Have the legal right to prescribe. Medications so called off label. That's to say for a condition that the FDA has not approved the Madison for. However this is complex because. The question is how much evidence is there that that drug may help a particular patient. And that gets into all kinds of issues about how some of the conditioners as being treated compared to the one that was approved. And frankly manufacturers have been paid have paid millions hundreds of millions of dollars of fines for from -- off label. Prescribing which they are not allowed to do with doctors allowed to do it. And the case. Drug like -- -- rotating which has been in the press recently. It's far too going to be talking about. Using this in my opinion and in the opinion of the authors in The New England Journal of Medicine why. This is a study this is based on a study done in mice mice do not get alzheimer's we have many many failures. Of drugs that have been used in mice. That have been taken into people and found not to work moreover there's only one study. Of this particular compound. In mice so this doesn't even meet the standards that we depend on in science that you replicate. Saudis -- there are so many steps. Between where this drug it goes and whether it should be used at the answer is in my opinion -- unequivocally no.

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{"id":16960903,"title":"Unapproved Alzheimer Drug Could Be Cause For Concern","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Peter Whitehouse says prescribing non-approved medication is complex.","url":"/Health/video/unapproved-alzheimer-drug-concern-16960903","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}