US gymnastics team opts to stay in a hotel over Olympic Village

Beach volleyball player Taylor Crabb said he’s symptom-free but “deeply disappointed” after testing positive.
7:13 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for US gymnastics team opts to stay in a hotel over Olympic Village
Emperor naruhito of Japan says managing the Olympics and pandemic precautions has not been easy. Call the cases in Tokyo have surged more than 155%. In the last week. And protesters are now calling for the games to be canceled entirely. ABC's Amy robot has the latest. This morning as Kobe cases are ticking up in Tokyo and more Olympic athletes benched. At least 91 people testing positive in the Olympic problem. Precaution driving USA gymnastics to a bull move. Overnight confirming to ABC news that team USA Jim this will not be staying in Olympic village. For the duration of the games Cecile Randy Coates to Simone vials saying on Twitter the move was made together. Adding that they feel like we can control the athletes and our safety better in a hotel setting this as on Wednesday eighteen USC beach volleyball player Taylor crab was forced to drop out of the games following a positive test grabbed writing on minster Graham. After taking every precaution getting vaccinated and following protocols. I have tested positive for -- nineteen I'm symptom free thankfully but deeply disappointed crab now isolating at a hotel in Japan. Joins a growing list of US athletes forced to withdraw. Including tennis great Coca Goff women's basketball player Katie lose Samuelson. And Kara acre an alternate on the women's gymnastics team to international athletes also dropping out Wednesday. After contracting coated before traveling to the games. Including UK athlete Amber Hill the number one ranked skeet shooter in the world. And Russian swimmer Ilya up for Oden reality setting in for the opening ceremony. One producer telling Reuters the ceremony which is usually a celebratory spectacle. Will instead be a much more sobering ceremony. But incorporate beautiful Japanese aesthetics. Due to social distancing rules the stadium will be mostly empty. With no family or spectators in the stadium chairs. No mass choreography and not all athletes will be present for the parade of nations now just 24 hours away. More controversy casting a cloud over the events. This show director Ken Tara could be she was fired for resurfaced anti semantic jokes he made about the Holocaust in 1998. This just days after the ceremonies composer resigned. Following resurfaced incidents of bullying people with disabilities but for athletes who train their entire lives for this to games already in full swing. USA women's softball now 20. Dominating against Canada in a stunning upset. Not allowing a single point on the board a golden performance from three time world champion Monica habit going seven scoreless innings. Overnight First Lady Jill Biden touched down here in Tokyo as she stepped up the plane she was greeted by Japanese officials. Without any handshakes she is meeting with the Japanese prime minister now just hours ahead of her schedule participation in the opening ceremonies Diane. All right Amy wrote back in Tokyo thank you let's go to ABC's Kenneth motoring news also. Live forests in Tokyo with more on this. Can't what does it say about the Olympic Covert protocols at the US gymnastics team things they'll be safer in a hotel. Or Dieter says they don't trust those Covert protocols in this country late goal. That yes they will be safer and a hotel and they will be able to control. The empire meant they are because they're seeing what's happening now only whipped the Olympics were also what's happening in Tokyo the Olympics has seen. More than ninety cases. Connected to these games. Kobe positive cases. And here in Tokyo there have been daily high of hovering around. 2000 new daily Covert cases and so you've got mobile's less he spoke out about this on sweater she sat. She's we all know she's one of the most watched gymnast. And one of the most watched athletes. In this world as you said that on Twitter that this is the decision was made because it was felt that the teen safety could be controlled better. And a hotel setting due to the ongoing pandemic we know that these athletes need to focus on the games not possible. Infection and I will say Diane that I had a chance to see some mobile's and her teammates teen USA gymnastics. Training today. It was incredible and it also reminds you. What likely be Olympic organizers are thinking when it comes to the negative headlines with these games that once you see these athletes perform it kind of takes you away. I'm thinking about the pandemic and thinking about coup bid because there are quite talented and it was just incredible to see them. And Kenneth we also now know that US beach volleyball player Taylor crab is out after testing positive for cove in. How did I hit is that's a team USA. What we don't know what impact all have on the game of his teammate in the replacement athlete. When they play this weekend but we know. There's a hit emotionally. Mentally for these athletes into your crap I know and you're about give me a little bit of what is mr. Graham post said but he said. Looked at this hurts. That a lot when it to him training that Tom this is tough on him mentally. He says this stinks also and we know that with his relationship and with his playing partner what that meant to him as well so now he says his new role. Will be a supporting role as he cheers them on. Now the IOC released some new guidelines for when and where athletes can express their views saying expressions are not permitted. During official ceremonies during competition on the field of play or in the Olympic village. But at the US women soccer team's first game against Sweden both teams to could need to protest against racism so what is allowed. And what happens if an athlete breaks those rules. Well they IOC has relaxed those rules though what they call rule fifty they have been controversial for years because. As we know athletes and activism. Really go hand in hand and they have gone hand in hand a over the past two decades or so especially at the Olympic Games have gone on. But the IOC says these protests rules relax after the killing of George Floyd but there's been as I mentioned. This controversy there that he had to it handled the situation. And so even though the IOC says this all protects the neutrality of sport at the Olympic Games and kept the rule largely intact. After surveying those athletes the IOC will allow athletes to express their views was speaking to the media to gains at the believes that team meeting of the social media and on the field of play at certain times if the rules are violated die again. What we've seen before is they get some type of disciplinary letter and also. Some type bell link the probation that could happen. We don't know we'd be exact disciplinary back it happen are disciplined that could happen if someone violates the rules here in Tokyo but that's what's happened in the past. It's one of those things where it when it happens and if there's a violation we will see but again when it comes that athletes and activism. It's something that has gone hand in hand. All right Kenneth phone forest in Tokyo Kenneth great to see you as always thank you.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Beach volleyball player Taylor Crabb said he’s symptom-free but “deeply disappointed” after testing positive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78993151","title":"US gymnastics team opts to stay in a hotel over Olympic Village","url":"/Health/video/us-gymnastics-team-opts-stay-hotel-olympic-village-78993151"}