US hits 500K COVID deaths

A preliminary study on antibody protections offers insight into two-dose vaccine shots for people with antibodies.
3:56 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for US hits 500K COVID deaths
Emergency physician in ABC news medical contributor doctor Darian satin doctor Sutton. Good morning less than a year ago doctor fact he said that we could have boy and reaching 200000. Debts. Here we are now just about at 500000. How to get here. All this numbers this devastating and honestly in many ways and incomprehensible. As we I think continue to become numb to the daily deadly total of coded nineteen. Health sciences have long predicted this number do good calculations and and mathematical equations that have been done on the back and but I have to say it's still shocking to see that number presently here and there are many different reasons why we've gotten here the first of which is that. The source code into virus is a novel virus meaning our immune systems were completely unaware of it which allowed it to rapidly spread and our communities of course transmission is a key part especially the transmission occurs when patients who are. Asymptomatic or without any symptoms or before they develop any symptoms at all that also has contributed to its exponential growth also testing and the beginning of this pandemic we had been paying playing a game of catch up and we still RS testing still has been and and continues to be limited in many parts of the country. And then of course our long term care facility communities. As we know it we didn't realize quite how vulnerable they work on an as we know what currently they account for including 1% of the US population and they have attributed to over 30% of coated nineteen death and that plays a significant stress. On our health care system that unfortunately was fragile to begin with as we know sculptor is a privilege in this country to many and it's still remains to be inaccessible and not available to many who really really needed and of course lastly the argument over mitigation efforts preventative measures like wearing mask and distancing had been and divisive issue and still continue to be in many ways of political one and it just shouldn't be. And vaccine shipments were delayed across the country because of last week's winter storm so what we have to do now. To get vaccine distribution back on track. I think there's a couple of tactics that we need to do number one planning we need to understand exactly what amount of doses are available and when they're coming when we start to do these pop ups and create these venues will we can vaccine large groups of people. The bottleneck seems to come when we don't know when the next supply is due and that of course limits our ability to plan for the follow what three to four week. Second dose of the vaccine that should be available to patients are we need to plan and I also think we need to take advantage of this downtrend included nineteen numbers. And use that health care teams that are available and and contribute and and allowed him to participate and that vaccine distribution so hopefully when we when the weather starts getting better and be distributions are becoming more available and we can distribute this vaccine safely efficiently and with some speed. And there's new headlines now saying that if you've had Kobe before one dose of the vaccine might be enough you say that's not quite the full story what's is the data on that show at this point. So this is very preliminary data that has yet to be peer reviewed and I want to emphasize that in his lab studies looking at studies of antibody protection it's not looking specifically. At the ability of the vaccine when it's done in that way to protect against Soviet nineteen infections so just adds some background we know that it's in vaccines available right now by as chairman Darren R&R any vaccine thinner and are completed an eight tune dose regiment first dose is meant to prime your immune system and the second dose is meant to boost your immune system and convert hopefully that long lasting immunity and now the theory is that possibly those who have already been infected have technically been -- and some interior west maybe they only need one goes to boost but again this is very preliminary these are very small studies. This provides some hand for the possible future. The recommendation still currently stands. If you have been exposed and have gotten a mid nineteen and the vaccine becomes available to you to continue to do the same recommendations which is complete the cold dose rippled to ghost regiment alright actor Terrence and it's always great to have you thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"A preliminary study on antibody protections offers insight into two-dose vaccine shots for people with antibodies. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76052848","title":"US hits 500K COVID deaths","url":"/Health/video/us-hits-500k-covid-deaths-76052848"}