Virginia Girl Dies After Allergic Reaction

Ammaria Johnson, 7, died at school after apparent reaction to peanuts.
1:19 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Virginia Girl Dies After Allergic Reaction
-- they actually had accidentally ingest. That particular food. It could be reaction could -- over quickly. Dr. Barry Feinstein recently reviewed potential -- public school's policy on dealing with allergies it was very well. Comprehensive peace is -- covers everything from parents notifying the school of a child with food allergies to what teachers administrators and school nurses need to do if there's an emergency. We don't yet know all the details about what caused -- Mario Johnson going to cardiac arrest at Hopkins road elementary school on Monday. But her mom says she was allergic to several things. A 150 to 200 people die each year here in the US from food allergies it's -- the throat closes often and -- -- severe wheezing. That's one. Reactions can turn fail he says teachers and staffers need to be on the lookout for signs of a child in distress and ready to use it happened -- for an opinion that is available to treat the job. There's a push to get those at this school first aid kit for the can be grabbed in a moment's notice. I think there should be born in the school. And there's there right now I think the way I understand that is there will be -- happy penguins with a certain person's name on the that help their but I think. They're there should be some of the school itself. To be used because you never know -- talking -- allergic reaction Morgan dean the news.

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{"id":15297688,"title":"Virginia Girl Dies After Allergic Reaction","duration":"1:19","description":"Ammaria Johnson, 7, died at school after apparent reaction to peanuts.","url":"/Health/video/virginia-girl-dies-after-allergic-reaction-15297688","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}