The Weight-Loss Puzzle

Cynthia Sass shares her five-piece puzzle to help you shed pounds.
5:10 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for The Weight-Loss Puzzle
Whenever we're trying to lose weight it seems that food. Can be the enemy because we're trying to balance out what would you put on -- -- what we need to leave office but we deprive ourselves of some of those basic things that we need including new treatments -- and diet to lose weight effectively. You have to have. A sustainable maintain a -- plan. And New York Times best selling author that the effect is here now with some of the details -- -- plan involving apostles of -- thanks for being with us today. So you use a puzzle to help people -- their place their -- what wife and husband. You know -- like puzzle because it's simple it's -- digital. Something that you can use no matter where you are in your own kitchen at a restaurant at a deli like this has on you know -- -- -- piece of art how much of I want to have. You can build your -- anywhere and what -- the vikings for the first piece of -- -- group headed back. Snack meals vegetables on the lunch and dinner. The next this whole grain. And then that things like oatmeal -- gradually concept. Next is -- principles of those could be plan based options like being just felt good to be vegetarian options like -- Zardari earned the need into the that we've gotten -- these fat things like avocado layoff not. It is natural that matters and then finally -- -- home -- At Stanford slipping and face aiding -- of their favorite my name I even think later this fight city and vinegar if it isn't exactly and -- -- All of those -- and those indulgences ice cream chocolate -- kids whatever is there room for that kind of little bit of indulgence that excitement of this diet there have to be heading -- -- when you put things like that off limits of -- only go so -- Arafat having them and then what ends up happening is. People million dollars they have try to make up for that somehow in -- vicious. -- -- So what I it is site in the books show people how to build some of those indulgences into the house. Okay all this talk about food and smelling it hasn't been. Under I want you to show me how to build some place -- your breakfast lunch dinner they'll -- sensible health loose some weight and be able to carry this on the ground even after -- -- And feel great every seven -- sounds good but. Breakfast most important meal of the -- -- -- -- Definitely part is -- -- -- -- has the Dotson delicious oatmeal right here. Now we're getting -- some fruit for our -- puzzle piece that more variety -- the batter all these different take offense that is the beautiful. These groups represent different types of Antioch that. Seen here got up only options and stock part while banks on an air -- that some yogurt over here when He yelled let's do you cut. We don't you -- they go within nine -- -- 0%. Highs we want to use our men these fat. For some it comes from the war on like not -- -- we don't want to hear back from an animal things back has the -- -- that's much more part company. We've got to mark up the pieces next sent me this is going to be appreciation breakfast the back -- you could look forward to seeing it -- -- that -- you energize you that we need either not since scenes maybe it but some comments -- somewhat less than you know. It may -- but it is -- -- And last piece is that stats. This seasonings that we're gonna grab some sentiment. Practice -- is -- at lunchtime dinnertime what -- we have. -- lets -- -- -- -- what I love about places like this there's so many options -- front that's been intra -- feel free spinach. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then let's -- it needs a couple different other types of vegetables on one of but the -- but I all the watery vegetables doesn't like tomatoes and cucumbers. And some peppers and it's very next is going to be cold rain and believe it or not that corn right hand counts as a whole -- -- some lean proteins it looks like he's got some chicken -- choose from they can also be a plant based protein might be out at -- money or -- this isn't chicken. An expert on -- that He planned date back fat hot or fifteen Baxter virgin olive oil or can be agnostic. -- -- possibility of victory is good kind of pretext yet. Beautiful -- now because we spend our fan base that on avocado. We don't want added stressing that as -- -- He knew his -- straight vinegar. And then at last he's paparazzi -- with what we've been done by this. If they aren't you Allen this really the perfect balance out then evacuated and -- morning at a little that in -- today. Does that exactly -- -- fast so we get them. -- -- We've shown that even when we're eating now we can still help we can still maintain this five's puzzle piece -- yes. And we've got everything all of this is all the with a we have to have been tired and get all of this is -- hot and still is way. You can really build anything as long as it got each of the five cases in the right announced at the right time. Good information Cynthia -- -- we're talking about food I'm looking at it I got a ticket that's right let's do do things.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Cynthia Sass shares her five-piece puzzle to help you shed pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14812399","title":"The Weight-Loss Puzzle","url":"/Health/video/weight-loss-puzzle-14812399"}