Whooping Cough Vaccine Needs a Boost

Dr. William Schaffner says the new Pertussis vaccine loses effectiveness over time.
1:11 | 07/31/12

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Transcript for Whooping Cough Vaccine Needs a Boost
-- large outbreaks that we're seeing -- pertussis in the United States and Australia and perhaps other parts of the world. All are because of two things the major issue. Is that the newer vaccine that we're using it provides great strong protection nationally but that protection wanes over time. And that's the main issue. Now there's also -- problem that some children -- being withheld from vaccination. War there vaccination schedule is being stretched out so those children remain completely susceptible. And here in there there are pockets of pertussis whooping cough in those children also. But the big problem is that all of us need boosters. -- this vaccine that we're using today you know. Every adolescent should get a booster with tetanus diphtheria whooping cough vaccine. And indeed virtually every adult also is eligible for booster. We need to deliver this vaccine. Much more comprehensively. So we can curtail. And in these outbreaks of pertussis that are occurring across this country.

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{"id":16899483,"title":"Whooping Cough Vaccine Needs a Boost","duration":"1:11","description":"Dr. William Schaffner says the new Pertussis vaccine loses effectiveness over time.","url":"/Health/video/whooping-cough-vaccine-boost-16899483","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}