What You Should Know About Winter Blues

Nebraska Psychologist Dr. Kelly Fairbanks seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.
3:49 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for What You Should Know About Winter Blues
And -- effective disorder. Is commonly known as the winter blues. And includes symptoms of depression such. Encore energy fatigue. Decreased attention concentration. Irritability and general sadness. Not because here are rounder and lives at the holidays it is because. You are not getting enough exposure to the sun there are decreased daylight hours. And generally speaking your activity level decreases during these months and -- your body doesn't regenerate its own energy as well. So this decreased energy. Carry on the activities in general. Is to stay active if there was anything that is going to help beat the blues it's going to be exercise. Or just being active. I'm not necessarily physical activity but also social activity staying plugged into your social outlets using your social -- sources. Also maintaining your diet. Maintaining good hydration and and taking on a new hobby doing something new in your life those things promote energy and it's all about keeping that energy up through those went. Cloudy days and long winter days and do bring us down. If you can get away for -- vacation to the south if you have that luxury then you absolutely should. The more sun exposure you can get during these months the better. And individuals who live in states where there are longer winter days. Generally experience more of those winter blues. Talk to your doctor I would say they have them talk to their doctors. Because. Everyone is different and it's different treatments work for different people some people use light therapy. Some people use vitamin supplements and some people just need some counseling to help them get through some stress there's. Generally speaking I would say to help your family member your friends reduce their stress level. And just be there to listen to their stresses so that you can help them. You have. Depression or anxiety in the past. You are at greater risk for these increased symptoms during this time of year. Also if you have experienced seasonal affective disorder in the past years you're more likely to experience it again. But pay attention to your symptoms know your body. And do something about it and just be proactive and creator -- and -- work for you to stay busy stay active and be healthy. Start planning right now starts creating a regiment for yourself of exercise. General activities. Keeping up with your friends keeping up with your family. Come plugging into the social outlets and maintain -- good -- --

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{"id":17975081,"title":"What You Should Know About Winter Blues","duration":"3:49","description":"Nebraska Psychologist Dr. Kelly Fairbanks seasonal affective disorder, or SAD.","url":"/Health/video/winter-blues-sad-seasonal-affective-disorder-17975081","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}