Winter Running Gear

Jeff Dengate of Runner's World magazine picks his top products.
5:25 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Winter Running Gear
-- One of the highlights of the holidays. Is layering. This little number says go ahead. Have that extra tin of cookies the -- -- that Turkey -- for an extra half hour because this. Heightened and it's. -- come July and this is an appropriate for the beach. And that's why the folks have Runner's World Magazine have come up with a plan. To help us keep the holiday weight -- This might be a little more appropriate for winter running -- that -- for writers wrote magazine is here -- to talk about this plan. That you guys put together to help get people motivated to stay running through the holidays yeah it's runner role holiday running street. It's all about just getting out one mile a day at least. It's really hard to get out the door when days get shorter in the days get colder. So just kind of encouraging people to get out the door run at least one mile usually a turning to 234. And a unit keeping holiday pounds off and you can just sign up online to do this day just under -- -- come will be promoting it following asking how you're doing and you can reporting -- would do to keep the streak alive right now all I have a T shirts and short shorts and I don't think that's really gonna work in twenty degree weather when it's snowing now what do you have for suggestions for equipment. We need to get some kind of -- something a little longer summit -- -- -- So this is a ninety long sleeved mock turtleneck. It's kind of -- provides little compression. Got nice high neck to keep the elements out -- the cold out of your chest. Through a little bit of reflective material it's a really good first layer to sort of wick the moisture away from your -- Keep you warm. It works really well as a layer underneath that jacket and pretty lightweight as well it's pretty lightweight yet you know -- that -- certain coming down the rain is now you're not and one out OK so what do you have benefited if it is gears are turning -- you're gonna wanna put this underneath the -- that has some type about protection. This can block out some -- this book's jacket here. It's gonna keep off the rain it's water repellent but it is going to breathe a little bit there's some -- here in the back. That. You know allow. Key to escape and -- event. This out and down you know as the days are short -- got some good reflective material here not seen as your running down. So our -- -- protected but. -- -- Running pants are no longer these big bulky -- pants they're making some nice sleek. Materials these are not skin -- -- but they are there they're snug -- form the form fitting and down you know -- readable there they. The dry quickly -- -- pretty close to the skin so they're not gonna. And I can be heavy when they get a little damp all of these are small obviously -- to go on and try these on first this is probably not something just -- but I wish list and say. Get -- medium because I think that armadillos squeeze into the email in Chinese ones on yet and maybe have a goal you can finish to a small -- your season. To the folks -- run by foot locker here in New York City have a great selection looks like here what are we have. Well one thing you want wintertime is -- -- -- very simple. Synthetic fibers you want something that's gonna move moisture away from had been that he and use of lot of heat through and so just like that will knit cap does not gonna do it it's a little of -- war. But you know this is nice one because it does with the moisture away OK what else to have my -- nice and warm who heads warming into the hands warm fingers -- vehicle which -- right -- C wanna go with a nice light. Glove that's gonna move moisture -- -- to keep you warm. And a lot of them -- coming in all different sounds now some have retractable thumbs analyzed to get your gadgets here Smartphones GPS watches aren't -- my hands are warm ahead as warm. And so of those days when it's -- -- 4050 degrees I don't wanna put a jacket on but you know my arms get a little bit cold what do you -- Yeah we have you know -- sleeves are one of the things that are really catching on to becoming fashionable you know for a long sleeve -- anymore -- -- a teacher but just put this on it covers your wrist from you risked your biceps you can rolling down a little bit. Sort of regulate your body temperature it's snowing out its leading it's kind of tough sometimes to get traction. Yet what can we do you have to defeat -- anything yet so one of the things that you can -- is it is apparent act tracks -- simple thing rubber steel -- they wraparound any issue like this -- -- -- balance is here roach used don't offer a ton of traction on ice and slippery conditions. So these are sort of like chains they dig in just a little bit. It was a really cool yet and sort of keep your feet grading you do you allow you push off when that -- conditions it's and these are called -- tracks he's got put on. And not just on your running shoes either right you can put more -- parish he's really gonna throw off -- gay community is it really feel a lot different when you're running the -- the other money. Here than if you run over bare patches of asphalt but and -- -- administer them. -- -- this is -- there's no reason why we have to you know. Put on that extra holiday away and then kind of letter writing team -- to place -- the right here you can get up there or any action Jeff dandy thank you so much and thank you so much for letting me targets where I really appreciate that.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Jeff Dengate of Runner's World magazine picks his top products.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15050768","title":"Winter Running Gear","url":"/Health/video/winter-running-gear-15050768"}