7 Winter Superfoods

Kale and other foods packed with vitamins.
5:45 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for 7 Winter Superfoods
Many of us associate this summer months with a wealth of healthy food options to fill our plates and stomachs but our next guest is here to tell us that the winter months can also be quite -- Joining me is registered dietitian and personal trainer Robin -- -- then thanks so much for joining us in having me so let's go through your superffoods that you brought with us but first tell us what. Makes a super. The super -- is just defeated that has a lot of nutrients and a lot of benefits our bodies. So this tiny -- -- holiday season and we're going to a lot of parties. Eating and drinking more than usual so I -- my clients it's a better idea to focus on the foods you may not be eating. So if you include those in your -- you're less likely to indulge your holiday -- -- great and I loved the -- whole foods are back with you here that are all. Readily available in the winter -- proven time. -- -- are high in fiber and vitamins C they're also small and their portable. And I -- economists low food because it takes awhile to appeal -- -- and take the segments of parts of the fiber will actually fill you -- it takes off -- twenty minutes we're here. Range or register your stomach just ball and that's a good way of keeping -- leveling tailing them but them and I. I'm -- are also something that you recommend we -- and that's what we hear that there. -- -- -- Right everyone is afraid of knots because they're high in fat and high in calories but the thing about -- -- you only need a little bit to kind of fill you up. So fifteen to 25 knots -- the amount that fits in the little cup of your hand. Is enough to take that edge off before you on a holiday party and you're less likely ten -- and you get there now they do have fat C you don't want to overdo it. But they contain the good fat -- on -- and fat Omega threes and they also have fiber which helps fill you up to do you recommend a certain type of not. I'm all that's how different properties and what you want to make sure I was when you're reading the label on package of Nazi -- -- make -- that there's -- added. -- you know our sugars and starches because there are certain brands that put a lot of additives. Good to -- now I love that you included the squash there aren't love that and the dams are those similar tastes. -- sweet pitino is potato -- -- consistency eaten it sweeter than a regular potato but it's a great substitute because it has more nutrients and has a lot of vitamins. ANC and potassium is also high in fiber than a regular contained no. And because it's sweet you're less likely than put on on that sour cream and butter rice and to help their option yes -- recommend preparing. So detailed that -- they're baked him and you can chop it up in just all of my -- and condominium enemy ships and is that what do we do with the winter squash as well. The best butter nuts modern -- Africa and in the form that you see and where it's not cut open and it's really hard to cut gas so a lot of stars salad cut up so it's easier to jail. One recipe that I like a lot as I take the cut -- butternut squash and I put and jackhammers and onions and and the evidence some cinnamon along well found this really got -- announcement coming coming. Now the city brought with you some people are going to insist they hates losing -- camp. How can I tell you about the something you know it is my husband and -- -- -- -- is 100 being most healthiest. Foods that exists today. It actually helps detoxify your body. Which is why you're hearing a little bit more about it today because detox diets are popular and -- drinks in this movie is. It is also really high in vitamins KA and C and calcium and potassium. It's -- made S three is it is also high and virus that helps reduce cholesterol actually is a super fit and really an out. You can't have it raw and a salad and it -- think you have a salad dressing on and our other ingredients and -- -- you can steam men. You could also service citation olive oil or aren't as he's director we have some ships have to try to think I've never seen Celtic apartments and -- and intrigue. What on the specifically for the orange Allen plans a little bit of spices and cash news -- in the associated. Has a nice play about what is it you know it's good right assistant except all the same nutrients as the -- -- yes. I think you that I could be the -- And to think that they you can make them at home to futures all the while of them have been on the -- -- -- -- can make -- yourself I loved that thank you for introducing -- so I had some -- -- I have -- now -- the -- we loved it when I think we're more -- -- -- that they weren't a lot of sugar. No updates are high end -- five -- Lake. Any phrase fair and they're really -- for that reason but they're also high iron and B vitamins will. And again like the -- you don't want to overdo it because they are high in calories dried -- have a lot of concentrated -- national center. But if you make a nice chow mix with -- knots before -- party again. Tropical date because good to have a snack before parties you don't have indulging against the -- absolutely and parents lovely winter -- -- are high in vitamin C and fiber. They are very -- Allard gen -- so anyone who has food allergies kids -- food sensitivities even adults they're greats include a new diet. Also if you slice -- you can put them on a -- and they would even tastes great in your salad -- to kind of make the key elements we there. And poached pears are based -- a little bit a cinnamon in the amendment can be a great dessert our parents healthier than Apple's let's -- Necessarily just a different friend and I always and -- My clients to try to get a rainbow of colors and a variety writes I was picked him Robin thank you some might think they have an animated.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Kale and other foods packed with vitamins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15116686","title":"7 Winter Superfoods","url":"/Health/video/winter-superfoods-15116686"}